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城市公共景观是城市中最开放的空间,超越所有“开放的建筑”而存在,这些景观地同时也是城市体验中相当重要的部分。美丽葱郁的现代公共广场,是城市版图上的珍珠,若这些珍珠额数量众多,彼此关联,那么它们会将拥有这一切的城市映射得格外光彩动人。为大家分享玛莎·施瓦茨工作室在阿布达比酋长国Al Maryah岛完成的索沃广场。索沃广场占地不大,是商业中心里几栋商业楼宇之下的开放广场。见缝插针的空间之中,精心布置着微地形,植物,水,铺装,家具等各项要素,创造出具有浓郁当地风格,十分清凉活力的现代广场空间。

Appreciation towards Martha Schwartz Partners for providing the following description:

Sowwah广场位于阿布达比酋长国Al Maryah岛上。这个处于新商业中心的城市景观设计杰作为人们提供了一个绿色的休憩之所。

Sowwah Square is a significant urban space located on the Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi and provides a green retreat at the centre of the new commercial hub.


The inspiration for the square was derived from the nature and culture inherent to the Arabian Peninsula: dunes, traditional irrigation systems (Falaj),oasis, Bedouin textiles and the popular use of formal clipped hedges in United Arab Emirates, drawing connections with the French baroque chateaugardens. This merging of ideas is represented in a contemporary responsive design created a sustainable, cool and protected micro climate for usersand a dynamic kaleidoscope of planting and patterned paving on the ground and viewed from the surrounding towers.


The structure of the square uses large constructed vegetated mounds that orchestrate outdoor rooms to shelter pedestrians from the Shamal, a strong north-westerly wind blowing over Persian Gulf and to provide intimate spaces amongst the towering buildings. Linking the mounds together, the decorative pattern like that of a traditional rug, weaves through the square.


To soothe people from the heat, water features are incorporated into long stone benches that wrap the mounds, providing playful and tactile experience. The surface texture is finished with ornate grooves creating a dynamic rippling effect. In order to maximize this limited resource, and reduce evaporation, the water is contained in narrow Falaj like channels as used in ancient irrigation system found throughout the Middle East. At night, the benches come to life with integrated lighting at the base that silhouettes the mounds and highlights the polished surfaces.


Innovative sustainable design has been instrumental in the project which has been awarded a LEED Gold certification. The steep angulated moundscontribute 1.45 times more green space than level planters and water consumption is reduced due to the vertical planting maximizing100% irrigationmoisture.


Martha Schwartz Partners’ scheme is innovative and striking while responding to the local cultural and environmental concerns. The magnificent patterns and impressive forms create a unique landmark for Abu Dhabi.


The planting strategy contributes to the overall design language and creates a true pedestrian-friendly urban plaza. The location, size and colour arrangement of the planting strategy has been developed to identify the different zones within the public realm and to facilitate way-finding and comprises planting mounds, flush garden beds and trees. Each type of planting is used to emphasize the site-wide design principle and respond tothe distinct character of its location.


The entrance areas to the site are planted with low hedges, ground cover and grasses to ensure maximum views into the plaza and to create a formalentry. The low-maintenance grasses sway in the breeze and provides seasonal interest.

网格状的地面上栽种着小簇树木,点缀着现有的景观布局。树冠被修剪成型,与遍布广场的绿植堆体和天蓬式构造相呼应。栽种的Indian fig和Ficusnitida形成3m宽的开阔步道,为人们提供了清晰的视野;繁茂的枝叶抵挡了阿布达比酋长国炙热的阳光,洒下片片阴凉。

Small groups of trees have been planted in a grid that fits within the existing podium structure layout and the tree canopies are cut into shapes thatare sympathetic to the site-wide mound and canopy layout. The chosen tree, Indian fig, Ficus nitida, will allow 3-m clearway underneath for clear views lines and pedestrian movements while providing a thick canopy for shade from the harsh Abu Dhabi sun.

堆体的绿植设计十分大胆。堆体表面栽种着颜色和纹理均存在巨大反差的不同植物—如盛开明亮橘色花朵的Lampranthus aureus旁边即是生长精致紫叶的Iresine。栽种的所有植物均有生命力强、维护要求低、抗旱抗热的优点。

The plantings to the mounds are bold and dramatic. The shifting facets of the mounds are emphasized by dramatic contrasts in colour and texturesof the plants such as the Golden Ice Plant Lampranthus aureus with its bright orange flowers next to Purple Lady Iresine with its delicate purple foliage. All the species were selected for hardiness, low maintenance and drought- and heat-tolerance.


Building landscapes on concrete podiums provides unique challenges that include weight loading, limitations of soil depths and coordination witharchitectural works. To create the mounds a structural frame was designed to suspend and then fill with lightweight fill to create the base for planting.The paving is granite and sourced to provide the brilliant array of colours to create the image of a Bedouin rug. The benches are constructed fromfinely milled granite.

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAEClient: Mubadala Development CompanyLandscape Architect: Martha Schwartz PartnersDesign Team: Martha Schwartz, Peter Piet, Matthew Getch, Nigel Koch, Christabel Lee, Thomas Griffiths, Liangjun Zhou, Rebecca Orr, Marti Fooks,

Emily Lin, Christine Wahba, Hung-Hao Teng, Thomas SudhoffSize: 2.6 hectaresStatus: Completed 2012Environmental Rating: LEED Gold CS

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