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润衡集团  “论道”展园——人与自然间沟通共处的平台


The "Taoism" landscape garden - a platform of communication coexisting between man and nature.

A harmonious coexistence between man and nature is our ideal state of life. The 2014 Qingdao World Horticultural Exposition officially opened onApril 25. As the invited company, Runheng Group lead and built the "Taoism" landscape garden, which was the vision of senior designer, Mr. Feng Chen and Ms. Yanyang Zhou, who have been working in Europe and in China for many years.

↑ The LOGO wall is decorated with actual size silhouette of table and chair to convey the design concept of the garden and also can be the structureof the wall at the same time.入口logo墙在传递设计信息的同时,也遵循设计理念,运用真实尺度的桌子和椅子的剪影为元素,具有实际宽度的桌子也是整个墙的结构支持。





↑ Indirect lighting design brings two different colors and spaces --upper and lower.非可看光源的灯光设计在夜间园林中形成上下两层色彩和空间感受。

Mr. Feng Chen believes that contemporary landscape is not only a record of activity and space perception, but also that it should more actively promote the development of individual events and improve the ecological environment of human beings.

The "Taoism Landscape Garden", "Green Taoism", "Plant Show", and "Stereoscopic Garden" are the central design themes, subverting the traditionallandscape design thought by building event-based gardens with the concept of ecological and environmental protection.

Regarding design thinking: the "Taoism" landscape garden changed the usual thinking patterns of static, three-dimensional design by creating a people-to-people, people-to-events, human-to-nature, multi-dimensional, multi-perspective, multi- communicative green forum.

Regarding the construction of space: the landscape garden confidently uses exaggerated designs by utilizing long tables and high chairs to signify daily life. The garden is multi-functional; it can be used for events, and can be used by birds to perch. It conveys the balance between humans, flowersand birds in the environment.

We match Chinese stone and plants to build an elegant Zen garden in the “Taoism ” Landscape Garden. The table uses modern technology for daily scenes such as dinner table on the outside. We built a comfortable home for animals and plants on long tables by converting the use of the table fromhumans and animals. Long Table Garden, the Mini Ecological Park, and “ Taoism ” Landscape garden bring out the best in each other.

As the main areas of activity of our landscape garden, the high chair is not only for sitting in the forum but also functions in the communication of thoughts. Particularly the stereoscopic hanging garden is perfect for enjoying wonderful scenery and get closer with nature. We can also enjoy a cup of tea and what the great nature has given you.

↑ The exaggerate designed life-size chairs and tables are both familiar and fresh to the viewers, and stimulating them to read more.夸张了的现实生活中的桌椅尺度,产生熟悉而又新奇的求知的欲望。



↑ Tables and chairs create an atmosphere of Taoism :the green table, the green ideal.长桌高椅形成空间上的“论道”交流的氛围,看着生态长桌,交流绿色理念。

Qingdao, a coastal city, has a profound Qi-lu culture, multiple plant species, and has extensive landscape design. This is the meaning of "flower carpet". The colorful flower carpet design and purpose of studying the ecological combination of flowers and plants, is not only putting on a greenplant show, but also is a plant library with costumes made of plants and both plant science.

Regarding the use of material: The design concept and structures of our landscape garden are based on low carbon, environmental protection. Allthese consumed materials are recycled steel and used rubble. We are writing a environmental-protection-story book with natural characters.

"Taoism" landscape garden built a bridge of communication between human being and nature. In the garden, we can not only experience the Zenstate--“Unity of Man and Nature”, but it also awakens our respect for nature. Let's walk into the nature, let the lives into the nature, love her, carefor her, enjoy the natural lifestyle.

↑ The sculptures in the table garden are both for completing details and providing habitats of small creatures.长桌椅的家具饰品,既是设计细节的表达也是未来生物栖息的居所。

↑ Left: In daytime,the space under the table is a good place for resting in shade; In night time, the sparkling ripples reflected by the mirror remindsthe comfort of daytime.Right: Lighting design under the high chair.左:夜间长桌下的镜面玻璃投向地面粼粼波光,也是白天背阴乘凉的好去处。右:夜间在花丛中的高椅宛如一个修长的仙子。

↑ Left: Looking at the long table from the high chair, you can see the withered landscape and green grass are perfectly integrated.Right: Gravel, PVC ring and steel plates are recycled material.左:从高椅上望长桌,萎缩的枯山水和茵茵绿草在设计语汇上和谐统一。右:碎石、PVC环、钢板等都是回收的材料。

↑ The different types of high chairs bring up different feelings for visitors.不同类型的高椅为参观者,带来不一样的登高感受。

↑ Various colors and plants weave into “flower carpet” which also to be a plants show.地面花毯通过不同的植栽处理打造植物秀场。

↑ Landscape irrigation system, all the pipelines are skillfully combined on the legs of desks and chairs.景观喷灌系统图,所有管线都巧妙的结合在了桌椅腿上。

↑ The design of aerial view of the “Taosim” landscape garden is influenced by east zen philosophy.景观鸟瞰图具有“禅意”的东方情怀。

Project Name: the “Taoism” Landscape Garden in 2014 Qingdao International Horticultural ExpositionLocation: Qingdao, ChinaDesign Firm: Runheng Group. Designer Director: Feng Chen, Yanyang Zhou.Design Team: Yunpai Bai, Fang He, Jie LuoAll images ? Runheng Group.

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