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Design and fashion concept store in Berlin by KONTENT transforms scaffolds into interior design.

NO WóDKA位于柏林,是一家展示波兰流行的高档艺术和设计产品系列的概念商店。NO WóDKA is a concept store that shows a fine selection of todays' lively Polish art and design in Berlin.

KONTENT 创造了有别于传统壁挂式橱架的全新产品展示方法。设计师希望将店铺打造成大型“衣柜”,由此便产生了由支架梁制成的大型自支撑式结构。正如店铺名称NO WóDKA所暗示的一样,店铺打破了传统的商品展示模式,在内部设计上自成风格。

The main concept created by KONTENT brings a new approach to product display that thinks outside the norm of standard wall mounted shelves.Designers wanted shop to be a paraphrase of a wardrobe in which you enter. The result is a large, self-supporting structure made of scaffold beamsand as the shop name NO WóDKA suggests it breaks through the typical stereotypes with the interior design following this rule.


Store space has been divided into two spaces: moveable front, and fixed, solid back. The front space consists of movable elements such as a counter,cabinets and shop window arrangement that can be connected, disconnected and shifted depending on the store needs. Steel scaffold beams create a large framework in the rear space, which utilizes the volume of the shops interior. Vertical tubes transfer the entire mass of the structure to the ground where they rest on square base plates to spread the load. The coupler components of the scaffolding system allow plywood boards to be positioned at different walkable platform heights that allow play in spatial volume. Micro spaces are created by inner platforms with expanded metal mesh applied to the roofing that allows users to interact with the product.


Interior walls as well as the main steel structure are painted white to highlight products, which offer a neutral background for future exhibitions.The scaffold installation provides rails for clothes, and supporting for shelves where ceramics or jewellery can be displayed. Spotlights and fluorescent lamps are attached to the horizontal tubes with light fabric separating the dressing room area. The aesthetic value of the industrial structure forms an intriguing space, within which people can enter off the street. As scaffolding is a temporary structure there are no elements fixed to the walls. The flexible layout can be reconfigured and transformed into many different purpose eg. exhibition, cat walk, fair, dance floor or workshop space to fulfil the store profile. Scaffolding construction is easy to assemble as two people assembled it within two days.

Client: NO WóDKAArchitect: KONTENT / Monika Ryszka, Marcin Giemza – Jakub KubińskiLocation: NO WóDKA, Pappelallee 10, 10437 BerlinPhoto credits: Zajaczkowski Photography – www.zajaczkowski.euBranding: BABA WIE - of project: completed in 2014Usable floor area: 86 sq. m

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