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Atelier Novembre delivers a social platform in Palaiseau  The architectural firm has just finished constructing a 3,400m2 social platform grouping together several social service offices on the same site.



The main challenge of this social platform in Palaiseau was to give social workers in different departments a pleasant, shared environment to work in, and the serenity to receive visitors with very demanding social issues.

Two factors profoundly influenced the architectural side of the project: the conservation of a former police station with a surface area of 160m2, the presence of which should not skew the perception of this platform; then the preservation of a thriving plot of vegetation situated at the other end of the site, at the bottom of the sloping plot.

A line was therefore drawn between these two anchor points, to balance the levels, the dynamics strengthened by the site's incline. The horizontal nature of this base gives the building as a whole a tranquil serenity, which is essential for receiving visitors who are facing difficulties. This detachment also reaffirms the presence of the social platform from the perspective of the adjacent roads.

The hall, an important reception area, is largely open and at one height. It feels more like a cosy home environment than an austere administrative building.

↑ 建筑前临老派出所建筑,后临森林,场地是倾斜的。

↑ 接待大厅

↑ 接待大厅内景

↑ 接待大厅外景,建筑师在地面层打造了一个统一的水平基础,水平的地基使得该建筑物呈现出整体的宁静详和,这对于接收面临困境的来访者是必不可少的。



The clarity of the composition, the penetration of natural light obtained by lifting the roof and the multiple panes which give a glimpse of the central patio - all help create an atmosphere which is conducive to listening and dialogue, qualities which are essential to the success of work with a social focus.

The building is set back and is modest in height in comparison to the houses opposite, then gains height along the adjoining buildings, fading initially behind the former police station to then rival the canopy of tall-top trees south of the site. This simple U-shaped composition around the hall expresses the aim of convergence. The separation in height, between the "low" hall accessible to the public and the "high" offices not accessible to the public, confirms this interpretation.

↑ 透明且进深层次丰富的建筑

↑ 高层办公区内景

↑ 从办公区望向森林


Aluminium mesh clads the emerging parts of the construction. Its whiteness and reflections give it a wonderful immateriality by creating depths by superimposition over the panes.

Maison des solidarités(MDS - 社会服务中心)将部门社会服务(儿童保护,社会工作者和托儿所),Centre Communal d’Action Sociale(CCAS - 市福利中心)和Mission Locale Vitacité(青少年服务中心)汇集到了一起。


This Maison des solidarités (MDS - social services centre) groups together departmental social services (child protection, social workers and nurseries), the Centre Communal d’Action Sociale (CCAS - municipal welfare centre) and the Mission Locale Vitacité (youth services centre).

Built to High Environmental Quality standards, this building is equipped with a thermal labyrinth: an innovative and ecological system for processing fresh or warm air.

Client: Conseil départemental de l’EssonneArchitect: atelier NovembreDesign offices: Grontmij Séchaud Bossuyt (construction building services); L'épicerie (graphic design, colours); JP Lamoureux (acoustics); IDA Concept (program developer, assistance to the client for High Environmental Quality)Contractors: area n°1: DV Construction (major and secondary structures); area n°2: Schneider (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling systems / plumbing); area n°3: Satelec (electricity); area n°4: Euro Ascenseurs (elevators)Programme: social reception, administrative buildings, car parks, High Environmental Quality buildingSurface area: 3,400m2 (including 300m2 renovation) Materials: concrete, glass, expanded metalPerformance: High Environmental Quality standards, thermal labyrinthCost: 7.3 million EUR excl. taxCalendar:  winner of the architectural design competition in 2009 / site works began in September 2013 / delivery in June 2015Address: 18 avenue de Stalingrad, 91120 Palaiseau, France

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