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Sporthalle Landheim Bruettisellen / L3P Architects第1张图片

摄影:Sabrina Scheja
卫生工程师:Sanitär Krucker AG, Brüttisellen; Paul Vogel
建筑物理:Wichser Akustik & Bauphysik AG, Zürich; Stephan Huber
建筑管理:Thomet Bauleitungen Planungen AG, Kloten; Alberto De Giorgi
土木工程师:Bona + Fischer Ingenieurbüro AG, Winterthur; Markus Fischer
电气工程师:电气设计+合作伙伴AG,瑞士丰泰,A. Baiker
暖气工程师:Hans Spillmann AG, Kloten; Martin Nötzli
流通工程师:Thermatic AG, Zürich; Martin Oberholzer

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Sporthalle Landheim Bruettisellen / L3P Architects第10张图片

其原混凝土广泛应用于外观、静力系统、抗震、防潮。其内部防潮、隔热、隔音和木质的坚固表面体现了其内部核心的高效节能。完全体现了其成熟的概念 - 坚硬的外表、温和的核心。

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Sporthalle Landheim Bruettisellen / L3P Architects第13张图片

立体图 Elevation

Sporthalle Landheim Bruettisellen / L3P Architects第14张图片

立体图 Elevation

Sporthalle Landheim Bruettisellen / L3P Architects第15张图片

立体图 Elevation

Sporthalle Landheim Bruettisellen / L3P Architects第16张图片

平面图 Plan

Sporthalle Landheim Bruettisellen / L3P Architects第17张图片

场地平面图 Site Plan

特别鸣谢翻译一组10号 张晓丽 提供的翻译,译稿版权归译者所有,转载请注明出处。

Architects: L3P Architects
Location: Bassersdorf, Switzerland
Area: 980 sqm
Year: 2010
Photographs: Sabrina Scheja

Construction Management: Thomet Bauleitungen Planungen AG, Kloten; Alberto De Giorgi
Civil Engineer: Bona + Fischer Ingenieurbüro AG, Winterthur; Markus Fischer
Electrical Engineer: Elektro-Design + Partner AG, Winterthur; A. Baiker
Heating Engineer: Hans Spillmann AG, Kloten; Martin Nötzli
Entilation Engineer: Thermatic AG, Zürich; Martin Oberholzer
Sanitation Engineer: Sanitär Krucker AG, Brüttisellen; Paul Vogel
Building Physics: Wichser Akustik & Bauphysik AG, Zürich; Stephan Huber

Thirty-two socially challenged youths live in the occupational training home in Brüttisellen where they also must spend their leisure time. The range of leisure time activities has been increased through the development of the 5/10/5 metre sport hall annex and the two adjoining fitness studios. Through the double use of existing adjoining rooms, the volume of the new building has been coupled with the main building.

As a flat building with the main body sunk 3 metres into the ground, the extension closes the central garden courtyard off into an access road. The contemporary design stands as a symbol for the development, respectively for the accomplishment of the buildings development between 2006 and 2011. The newly developed ensemble with administration, accommodation groups, schooling and leisure comprises all the building stages up until now and is upgraded to a centre embodied in a newly acquired free space.

The circumferential window band of the new building shows the curious visitor under the spell, one wants (and is allowed) to know which function underlies this building. The façade becomes transparent and a view in the courtyard is desired. With the evening bustle artificial light supports the meaning of the newly articulated middle point of the home.

The building is punctured through the circumferential window band, only a few precisely-assembled concrete support columns take over the reduction of the load and the bracing of the roof. The statics system, without a fixed grid dimension and with differing gradients of the concrete columns, is a part of the architectural concept. The total outer shell of the building, including the roof, is reduced to the materials concrete and glass. The raw concrete is façade, statics, earthquake resistance, moisture proofing and robust all in one. The interior with its moisture barrier, insulation, soundproofing and a sturdy surface in wood is the energy-efficient quick reacting inner core. Totally within the proven concept – hard outer shell, soft core.

The interior wooden panelling is from large-sized plywood boarding of French Jerusalem or Aleppo pine. To achieve an optimal acoustic, 85% of the boarding needed to be perforated. The non-perforated surfaces from approximately 40m2 were distributed through the room, so that a spiel between perforated and non-perforated boarding was generated.



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