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Ballsbridge / Peter Legge合作伙伴第1张图片

爱尔兰Ballsbridge Peter Legge Associates的房屋修整类
12 OCT2012
Houses Refurbishment Selected Works Ballsbridge Ireland Peter Legge Associates
建筑师:Peter Legge合作伙伴
设计团队:John Monohan, Lisa McSharry
摄影:Sean Breithaupt + Yvette Monohan
Architects: Peter Legge Associates
Location: Ballsbridge, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Design Team: John Monohan, Lisa McSharry
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Sean Breithaupt + Yvette Monohan
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Ballsbridge / Peter Legge合作伙伴第2张图片

Project Area: 275 sqm
Contractor: Oikos Construction
Ballsbridge. 该地点位于一个短的死胡同,由19世纪后期被占用。该建筑坐北朝东南,有红砖的阳台,一 个小的前花园和带有狭窄的车道的后花园。
Ballsbridge. The site on a short cul-de-sac, is occupied by a late 19th century red bricked terrace house facing south east with a small railed front garden and a rear garden with a narrow service lane behind.

Ballsbridge / Peter Legge合作伙伴第3张图片

The clients, a young couple with growing family, were anxious to transform a dwelling designed to service a previous century’s lifestyle into a 21st century,  easily run and maintained family home. Both parents work in a design orientated business and engaged positively with our design team.

Ballsbridge / Peter Legge合作伙伴第4张图片

Many of the existing period features were intact, plasterwork cornices, woodwork, doors architraves and skirting; it was agreed that they be 100% retained, these being an integral part of the dwellings original construction and character.

Ballsbridge / Peter Legge合作伙伴第5张图片

Virtually every Victorian and late Edwardian dwelling in the British isles was designed to facilitate a stratified society, where the servants were expected to live and work in blatantly uncomfortable conditions; convenience, orientation and quality spaces were irrelevant. This generally resulted in a kitchen with a clutter of irregular unrelated rooms, mainly in the return block to the rear of the principal accommodation.

Ballsbridge / Peter Legge合作伙伴第6张图片

我们的第一个想法进入一个大厅时只会看到后花园的阳光和景色。拆掉后面的房间和所有实体墙可以立即打通该住宅到花园的空间。厨房,用餐区和公共空间的新的交互空间可以直接通到的前面主要的生活空间和后面的花园。现在通过厨房和用餐区,可以从大厅看到阳光普照的花园。 建筑后面单层的扩建提供了更多的实用和存储空间。由于实际超过预期的住宿需求,拆除现有的卧室可以增大用餐区从而创造一个独具魅力、俯瞰一楼的双层高度的空间。
Our first thoughts on entering a hall that did not obviously lead anywhere were to get light and sight of the rear garden. The removal of back rooms and all the solid rear walls could immediately open up the dwelling to the garden beyond. The new interconnected spaces of kitchen, dining and utility would now relate directly to the principal living spaces to the front and also to the garden. It would now be possible to see from the hall right across the kitchen and dining to the sun lit garden beyond. The faceted single storey extension to the rear provides additional utility and storage space. Due to an actual excess of anticipated sleeping accommodation needs, the dining area could be enhanced by the elimination of the existing bedroom over, thus creating an attractive airy double height space overlooked from the first floor landing.

Ballsbridge / Peter Legge合作伙伴第7张图片

While maintaining all the intact period features the first floor would be remodelled to accommodate a master bedroom, dressing room and bath/shower en suite with an adjacent nursery over the hall. The rear return at half landing level would include the void over the dining space, a study/library and walk in hot press.  The attic would be renovated with additional bathroom inserted.

Ballsbridge / Peter Legge合作伙伴第8张图片

The rear demolitions and temporary supports were all carefully executed to the structural engineers’ specification and there was absolutely no evidence of movement in the buildings structures above during construction. New reinforced concrete foundations were poured and steel beams inserted to support the existing solid brick walls and floors over .The extensive faceted glazing at rear ground floor level facilitates western light to flood the kitchen, dining and utility spaces. The brickwork salvaged from the demolition was cleaned and re-laid for the solid elements of the new extension. European oak framed windows and doors completing the green roof-topped extension.

Ballsbridge / Peter Legge合作伙伴第9张图片

Responding to a young design conscious, fun client while remaining sensitive to the existing period features an emphasis was placed on quality craftsmanship in the interior. Existing floors were retained but sanded and caulked.

Ballsbridge / Peter Legge合作伙伴第10张图片

A high efficiency, condensing gas boiler was used to feed under floor heating in most areas with each room independently controlled. Rooms with radiators controlled in the same way. In combination with the above, solar evacuated tubes provide for the domestic hot water needs. The walls are all insulated with breathable, soy based spray insulation that is also very effective against air leakage.

Ballsbridge / Peter Legge合作伙伴第11张图片

这是对独特的住户的有趣回应,也是对新老关系的探索。First Floor Plan 一层设计图
A playful response to a unique client, the relationship between old and new explored throughout。

Ballsbridge / Peter Legge合作伙伴第12张图片

Ballsbridge / Peter Legge合作伙伴第13张图片

Ballsbridge / Peter Legge合作伙伴第14张图片

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Ballsbridge / Peter Legge合作伙伴第16张图片

Ballsbridge / Peter Legge合作伙伴第17张图片

Ballsbridge / Peter Legge合作伙伴第18张图片

Ground Floor Plan 01 地面设计图01

Ballsbridge / Peter Legge合作伙伴第19张图片

First Floor Plan 01 一层设计图01

Ballsbridge / Peter Legge合作伙伴第20张图片

Second Floor Plan 01 二楼设计图01

Ballsbridge / Peter Legge合作伙伴第21张图片

Axonometric 01 轴测图01




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