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河流之上的 “大富翁”第1张图片

Stride Treglown在 cop26(联合国《生物多样性公约》第二十六次缔约方大会)召开之前把“sinking”大富翁房子放在了 Avon河上。
Stride Treglown places "sinking" Monopoly-style house in River Avon ahead of COP26


建筑设计公司Stride Treglown在Bath的 Pulteney Weir上安装了一座鲜红色雕塑,名为“sinking house”,希望引起人们对气候变化的关注。

Stride treglown 与Format Engineers的工程设计师们合作,在 cop26气候会议之前,创作了这个雕塑,叫做“Sinking House”。

Architecture firm Stride Treglown has installed a sculpture of a bright red "sinking house" in Bath's Pulteney Weir to draw attention to climate change.
Stride Treglown collaborated with engineering designers Format Engineers to create the sculpture, which is called Sinking House, ahead of the COP26 climate conference.

河流之上的 “大富翁”第2张图片

A human-like figure is positioned on the house's roof

Sinking House是一个5.5米乘3.5米的亮红色木材雕塑,设计外形一眼就可以认出是出自经典的大富翁游戏模型。

这座房子位于Pulteney Weir,一座位于Bath Avon河Pulteney桥前的低坝,路人可以从上面的地面经过时看到它。

Sinking House is a 5.5-metre by 3.5-metre bright red timber sculpture designed in a universally recognisable shape that takes cues from classic Monopoly houses.
The house is located in Pulteney Weir, a low dam in front of Pulteney Bridge on the River Avon in Bath, where passersby can experience it from the ground above.

河流之上的 “大富翁”第3张图片

The sculpture takes cues from Monopoly houses

这座房子以一个特定的角度摆放,看起来这个雕塑正从水面下沉,房子上有一个人形雕塑坐在烟囱上,抓着一根绳子和连在桥上的横幅,上面写着“ cop26”。

这个装置意在表达这样一个想法,即 cop26——2021年联合国气候变化会议——为世界各国领导人提供了一条生命线,以采取行动应对气候变化。

Positioned at an angle so that the sculpture looks as if it is sinking beneath the water's surface, the house includes a human-like figure sitting on its chimney, holding onto a rope and banner attached to the bridge that reads "COP26."
The installation intends to represent the idea that COP26 – the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference – offers the world a lifeline for world leaders to act in order to address climate change.

河流之上的 “大富翁”第4张图片

Sinking House坐落在Pulteney Weir
Sinking House sits in Pulteney Weir

可持续发展部门负责人Rob Delius说:“这个项目的灵感来自于 Greta Thunberg 在2019年世界经济论坛上发表的‘我们的房子着火了’的演讲。”


“今年夏天欧洲发生的灾难性洪水也是一个很大的影响,因为我们看到人们被困在房顶上的照片。突然之间,气候变化的影响感觉离我们的家非常近了。”Delius 补充说。

"The project was inspired by Greta Thunberg’s 'Our house is on fire' speech at the 2019 World Economic Forum," Stride Treglown head of sustainability Rob Delius told Dezeen.
"We wanted to use that reference to highlight how 'our house' is in great danger and make a literal house in peril floating in the river."
"The catastrophic floods in Europe this summer were also a big influence, as we saw pictures of people stranded on the roofs of their houses. Suddenly, the effects of climate change felt very close to home," added Delius.

河流之上的 “大富翁”第5张图片

Passersby can view the sculpture from above

Format Engineers与当地雕塑家 Anna Gillespie 和木匠 Fifield Moss 一起安装了这个雕塑。

除了代表气候变化的紧急和危险,Sinking House的鲜红色和Pulteney Bridge·的历史背景形成对比。

Format Engineers worked with local sculptor Anna Gillespie and carpenters Fifield Moss to install the sculpture.
As well as representing the emergency and danger of climate change, Sinking House's bright red colour was also designed to contrast with Pulteney Bridge's historic backdrop.

河流之上的 “大富翁”第6张图片

It sits in a low dam

Deliu解释说:“联合国秘书长在谈到最近的 IPCC气候变化报告时说,世界正处于红色警戒状态,我们需要广泛、立即和实质性的行动,这更加促进了我们对这个颜色的选择。”

他补充称:“这也是传统的大富翁(monopoly house)或酒店的戏谑表达方式,以及说明我们的领导人如何将经济增长置于更可持续的方式之上,此前我们已经处于这种危险的境地。”

“‘Sinking House’这个名字代表我们的房子,也表达了我们的星球是如何陷入灾难的,但是如果我们现在行动,我们仍然有机会从完全的灾难中拯救它。”

建筑结构使用木材建造,Stride Treglown 表示,一旦安装拆除,这些木材将被捐赠给附近的Bristol木材回收项目。


这与当地酒吧Bell Inn借给建筑师的10个空啤酒桶一起结合在了雕塑的基座上。

"Reinforcing our colour choice, the UN Secretary-General said of the recent IPCC climate change report that the world was now at code Red and that we need widespread, immediate, and substantial action," explained Delius.
"It is also a play on the classic Monopoly house, or hotel, and how our leaders have prioritised economic growth over a more sustainable approach, which has left us in this perilous position," he added.
"Sinking House was chosen as a name to represent how our house, our planet, is sinking into disaster but if we act now, we still have a chance to save it from complete catastrophe."
The structure was constructed using timber, which Stride Treglown says will be donated to the nearby Bristol Wood Recycling Project once the installation is dismantled.
The architecture firm also received assistance from the local Sea Cadets, who offered their pontoon – a raft of reusable plastic 'pillows' – to help the sculpture float and create the submerged effect.
This was incorporated into the base of the sculpture, together with 10 empty beer kegs loaned to the architects by local pub the Bell Inn.

河流之上的 “大富翁”第7张图片

The sculpture's red colour was designed to be striking

Delius 总结说:“我们希望向世界各国领导人传达这样一个信息,那就是cop26非常重要,以及整个社会也希望它们能够起到作用。”

“但沉船屋也发出了希望的信息—— cop26和其他措施,为我们所有人提供了一个机会,一条改善我们现状的生命线。”

"We wanted to get the message across to world leaders about how important COP26 is and how the wider community is counting on them to take action," concluded Delius.
"But Sinking House also sends a message of hope – COP26, along with other measures, offer us all an opportunity, a lifeline to improve our current position."

河流之上的 “大富翁”第8张图片

Sinking House是COP26开始前的行动呼吁
Sinking House is a call-to-action ahead of COP26

Cop26将于10月31日在格拉斯哥举行。为此次活动设计的其他创意项目包括“ Build Better Now”虚拟展馆,展示了17个可持续发展项目,以及英国设计师Es Devlin 设计的“conference of trees”。

摄影:Tom Bright.

COP26 will take place in Glasgow from 31 October. Other creative projects designed for the event include the Build Better Now virtual pavilion featuring 17 sustainable projects and a "conference of trees" by UK designer Es Devlin.
The photography is by Tom Bright.

河流之上的 “大富翁”第9张图片

河流之上的 “大富翁”第10张图片

河流之上的 “大富翁”第11张图片




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