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自由形态拟自沙漠:墨西哥La Duna粉色滑板广场第1张图片

墨西哥沙漠影响下的华雷斯城La Duna 粉色混凝土滑板广场
Mexican desert influences pink concrete La Duna skatepark in Ciudad Juárez


位于华雷斯城的 Oriente 公园新开放了滑板广场,其起伏的粉红色混凝土景观灵感取自奇瓦瓦沙漠的沙丘。

在景观设计师 Valia Wright Sánchez,Eduardo Peón Velázquez,以及来自Elías Group事务所的建筑师 Francisco Elías 的协调下,这座位于墨西哥北部边境的公园成为政府城市改善计划的一部分,旨在对边缘化社区进行改善。

The dunes of the Chihuahuan Desert informed the undulating, pink concrete landscape of this new skatepark in Ciudad Juárez's Oriente Park.
Coordinated by landscape architects Valia Wright Sánchez and Eduardo Peón Velázquez with architect Francisco Elías of Elías Group, the park on the northern border of Mexico is part of a governmental urban improvement programme to improve marginalised neighbourhoods.

自由形态拟自沙漠:墨西哥La Duna粉色滑板广场第2张图片

The pink skatepark is divided into three zones

名为 La Duna 的滑板广场由粉红色的混凝土组成,并分为三个区域:一个“碗”、一个街头自由滑板区和一个初学者区,三者被树木以及栽植沙漠植物的小花园隔开。


Called La Duna, the skatepark's dusty pink concrete landscape is split into three zones: a bowl, an area for street-style skating, and a beginner's area – divided by trees and small garden spaces planted with desert flora.
"[The team] established as their main goal understanding the relationship between this section of the park and the surrounding neighbourhood, at the same time bringing in a bit of the natural context of the Chihuahuan Desert," said the designers.

自由形态拟自沙漠:墨西哥La Duna粉色滑板广场第3张图片

Its shape was informed by desert dunes



This reference to the desert influenced the form of the park's obstacles, intended to evoke the Samalayuca Dune Fields in Chihuahua, as well as the sandy pink pigmentation of the concrete.
To the south, a large concrete viewing deck sits atop a brown concrete classroom and office block and a cylindrical bathroom block, creating open space beneath that forms a "portico" leading from a public square through to the skatepark.

自由形态拟自沙漠:墨西哥La Duna粉色滑板广场第4张图片

A concrete viewing deck sits atop a classroom





"The building was conceived as a cave by which the covered square and the skating rink communicate, through a portico that protects the service module, an office and three classrooms," explained the designers.
"The shape of the portico, with the triple column modules, is a nod to the architecture of the 1950s and 1960s that characterises the urban landscape of Ciudad Juárez."
These learning spaces will provide classes and workshops as part of a strategy to see the park used by both young people and adults in the area.
Amphitheatre-style concrete steps providing seating lead up to the viewing platform, dotted with further concrete seating areas and overlooking both the skate park and an artificial lake on the other side of the site.

自由形态拟自沙漠:墨西哥La Duna粉色滑板广场第5张图片

The park is part of a government improvement programme


另一个最近落成的与墨西哥自然景观相关的项目是由 Ruben Valdez 和 Yashar Yektajo 设计的 Paradero 酒店,它使用米色混凝土与地形融为一体。

图片由 Onnis Luque 拍摄

The skate park is wrapped by an extension of an existing cycle route that links the existing park with the surrounding area, intended to better integrate it with the wider neighbourhood.
Another recently completed project that draws on Mexico's natural landscape is the Paradero Hotel by Ruben Valdez and Yashar Yektajo, which uses beige concrete to blend in with the terrain.

The photography is by Onnis Luque.

自由形态拟自沙漠:墨西哥La Duna粉色滑板广场第6张图片

自由形态拟自沙漠:墨西哥La Duna粉色滑板广场第7张图片

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