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带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第1张图片

David Brownlow Theatre / Jonathan Tuckey Design


来自建筑事务所的描述:Jonathan Tuckey设计事务所在英格兰东南部的学校用地上设计建造了一座全新的剧院,这座建筑秉持着“在建筑上建造”的设计理念,在修复和改善现有校园的功能中起到了重要的作用,在国际上享有盛誉。

Text description provided by the architects. Jonathan Tuckey Design has completed a new theatre on the grounds of a school in southeast England. True to the practice’s commitment to ‘building on the built’, for which it has earned an international reputation, the new theatre plays a vital role in repairing and enhancing the existing campus.

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第2张图片

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第3张图片

这座全新的可持续建筑经过精心设计,与周边建筑相互协调,成功地将原来毫无特征的停车场改造为充满活力的城市广场,Horris Hill位于Berkshire乡村校园内,是一座全日制预科学校,学生为4至13岁的男生,建筑场地为85英亩,这里有树林、运动场,以及厨房花园,室外教育活动场地也是学校的基本组成部分,它们能够很好地保持着学校的整体社区感。

The new, sustainable building has been carefully crafted to sit in concert with the neighbouring buildings and succeeds in turning what was once a featureless car park into an animated civic square. Horris Hill is a day and boarding preparatory school for boys aged between 4 and 13, set within a rural campus in Berkshire. It is located on 85 acres containing woods, sports pitches, and a kitchen garden. Outdoor education and extracurricular activity are fundamental parts of the school, both of which help Horris Hill maintain a whole-school community ethos.

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第4张图片

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第5张图片

这座剧院的名字来源于其赞助者Lord David Brownlow,这也是David Brownlow慈善基金会的创始人,这很好地提升了Horris Hill学校130名学生的个人发展前景,这座建筑有着多种戏剧实践,例如表演、制作,以及设计,同时将这些内容融入到校园文化中。

The theatre, which is named after its main benefactor, Lord David Brownlow, founder of the David Brownlow Charitable Foundation, will significantly enhance the personal development of the 130 pupils attending Horris Hill. It will afford access to all aspects of theatre practice: performance, production, and design – and embed these into the culture of the school.

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第6张图片

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第7张图片

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第8张图片


Outside of teaching hours, the new theatre will open up to the wider community through local theatre clubs and groups, providing facilities to sustain these activities at a time when countless art venues are closing across the UK. Designed to host school assemblies, music recitals, and drama productions, the development comprises three unique spaces, creating a building which is animated on all sides, activating the whole campus. The three spaces include a 160-seat auditorium and performance space; a congregating space around the entrance portico; an outdoor amphitheatre on the south elevation, facing the woods and school playing fields, which extends the theatre stage into the surrounding Arcadian landscape.

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第9张图片

在2016年3月,Jonathan Tuckey设计事务所在项目竞赛中脱颖而出,项目组希望能够设计一座延伸艺术与戏剧课程的剧院,因为表演艺术能够提升学生们的自信心、语言把控能力、辩论技巧,以及演讲能力。

The design was the outcome of an invited competition, won by the practice in March 2016. The brief called for a theatre that would expand the arts and drama curriculum at the school – in recognition that performing arts improve pupils’ confidence, grasp of languages, debating skills, oratory and aptitude.

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第10张图片

这座剧院取代了建造在校园西侧的模块化建筑,这座建筑建造于上世纪70年代,新建筑与周边环境构成微妙的角度,从而融入场地的现有气息,同时在现有的建筑群中构成了市民广场,Jonathan Tuckey设计事务所应用了自然材料,构成了被动式的通风建筑,构成了和谐的整体校园环境,建筑由交叉层压木材(CLT)建造而成,这是一种工程木材结构体系,外部覆盖着Viroc木材纤维面板,CLT框架能够很好地减少现场的施工时间,并且相较于传统砌块而言,这种材料能够减少排放大约40吨二氧化碳。

The theatre replaces a modular cabin built in the 1970s on the western side of the campus. The new building is positioned at a slight angle from its surroundings, to embrace the latent urbanity of the site, creating a civic square within the existing collection of buildings. Jonathan Tuckey Design has employed natural materials to create a passively ventilated theatre which sits harmoniously within the wooded setting of the campus. It is constructed of cross-laminated timber (CLT), an engineered wood structural system, and clad with Viroc wood fibre panelling. The CLT frame was chosen for its cost effectiveness and to reduce construction time on site; its specification has ensured a saving of 40 tonnes of CO2 compared to traditional blockwork.

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第11张图片


The theatre draws from its surroundings by being consciously distinct in materiality and structure. However, the warm red hue of the Viroc elevations roots the theatre in among the earthy brick of the neighbouring Victorian buildings and more recent additions. The design is innovative in its use and articulation of sheet materials and flat surfaces. The Viroc was machine cut off-site from sheets to reduce waste, and pieced together by hand as one object of joinery.

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第12张图片


A tall portico structure announces the theatre from the main point of arrival to the north and activates the new civic square in front. It will be used as a billboard to announce theatre productions and functions as an assembly space for small groups of pupils. Inside, the CLT frame is left exposed and lined with beech battens of varying depths to reference the articulation of the external façade. The repetition of battens is more regimented at the base to emphasise the solidity of the structure, and diffused as it ascends to create a sense of a firmament in the upper part of the theatre. Light grey acoustic panels are introduced throughout to absorb sound and prevent echoes.

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第13张图片

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第14张图片

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第15张图片


The undulating ceiling, finished in a deep dark blue to represent the night sky, has been acoustically modelled to project sound from the stage into the auditorium. The floor is black polished Viroc, cut into a pattern to reference the ornate stone floors of Renaissance churches. The arrival sequence is through an entrance lobby, acoustic threshold and entrance corridor into the auditorium with the stage, backstage area and loading bay to the rear. Storage and toilets are concealed beneath the raked seating accessed from the entrance lobby.

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第16张图片

项目的灵感来源于Christine Boyer的书《集体记忆的城市》,书中认为剧院是日常生活的舞台,因此建筑师借鉴了诸如Tudor剧院的站立摊位、古典剧院的前厅和柱廊等历史母题,除此之外,还有文艺复兴时期的建筑母题。

The project draws inspiration from Christine Boyer’s book, The City of Collective Memory, in its recognition that the theatre will be a stage set for everyday life. The design borrows historical motifs such as the standing stalls of Tudor theatre, classical theatre proscenium and colonnade, as well as motifs from Renaissance ecclesiastical architecture.

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第17张图片

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第18张图片

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第19张图片

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第20张图片

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第21张图片

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第22张图片

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第23张图片

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第24张图片

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第25张图片

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第26张图片

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第27张图片

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第28张图片

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第29张图片

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第30张图片

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第31张图片

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第32张图片

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第33张图片

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第34张图片

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第35张图片

带给孩子们的温暖色调——英国David Brownlow剧院第36张图片

建筑设计:Jonathan Tuckey Design
面积:274 m2
摄影:Nick Dearden, Jim Stephenson
制造商:Viroc, Joinery Solutions
承包商:Vale Southern
结构工程:Webb Yates Engineers
M&E工程:Skelly & Couch
投资估算:Marstan BDB
木工:Peak Carpentry
主创建筑师:Molly Wheeler

Architects: Jonathan Tuckey Design
Area: 274 m2
Year: 2020
Photographs: Nick Dearden, Jim Stephenson
Manufacturers: Viroc, Joinery Solutions
Contractor: Vale Southern
Structural Engineer: Webb Yates Engineers
Theatre Consultant: Charcoalblue
M&E Engineering: Skelly & Couch
Quantity Surveyor Consultant: Marstan BDB
Joinery: Peak Carpentry
Clt Structure: Eurban
Lead Architects: Molly Wheeler
City: Newtown
Country: United Kingdom




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