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World Campus Masters 世界校园大师毕设作品优选计划2020春季赛开放报名第1张图片

World Campus Masters 世界校园大师毕设作品优选计划2020春季赛开放报名第2张图片

“World Campus Masters 世界校园大师毕设作品优选计划“(以下简称 WCM 世界校园大师)由 Young Bird Plan 嫩鸟计划出品,旨在通过全球青年设计学子的毕业设计作品分享与评比,展现不同地域与文化背景下的当代设计新生力量,鼓励校园的设计原创和设计思维与全球设计行业及产业发展进行正向的对话,将校园毕设作品及设计人才搭接到世界最具影响力的设计平台和最前沿的设计生态圈。

来自全球建筑、城市、景观、室内、工业、公共艺术等设计相关专业的2015-2019年度毕业生(5个自然年以内毕业的本科/硕士毕业生提交已完成的毕业设计作品)皆可参加。在追求专业精分、设计跨界的大设计时代,WCM 世界校园大师致力于打造成为见证设计思维进化,集合最先锋思路的展示平台。

本次竞赛评选工作将由大咖评委组、Super Nova评委团及专业陪审团担任,就作品的前瞻性和对当前及未来挑战的应对性进行评分,优选最符合当代年轻人气质和想法的设计作品。大咖评委组及Super Nova评委团将拥有增加评选标准的权利。

World Campus Masters Selective Graduation Design Program (short for "WCM Program”) is launched by an international design competition platform Young Bird Plan, and it is committed to recognizing the fresh blood of contemporary design through evaluating graduation designs from global young designers in different regions and cultures. It encourages original design and design thinking in campus to conduct a positive dialogue with global design industry and industrial development, bringing young designers and their graduation works to one of the world's most influential design platform and the cutting-edge design ecosystem.
Designers who graduated between 2015 and 2019 and major in Architecture, Urban Design, Landscape Design, Interior Design, Industry Design, Public Art, etc. are welcome to participate, including undergraduates and post-graduates within 5 calendar years after the current competition launched. In the era of pursuing professional subdivided and transboundary design, WCM Program is committed to creating a display platform that witnesses the evolution of design thinking and gathers the most pioneering ideas.
The Judging panel for this Winter World Campus Masters Selective Graduation Design Program 2019 includes Big Name Jury, Super Nova Jury and Professional Representatives. They will evaluate works, based on their perspectiveness and response to current and future challenges, and select the design that best fits the temperament and ideas of contemporary youngers. The Big Name Jury and the Super Nova Jury will have the right to increase the selection criteria.

World Campus Masters 世界校园大师毕设作品优选计划2020春季赛开放报名第3张图片

WCM 世界校园大师每年的评选工作分为季度评选和年度评选:


每季度优选3个作品,4个季度共12个作品以及被Super Nova评委复活作品进入年度评选名单。

The evaluation for WCM Program will be conducted quarterly and annually:
Every quarter (three months) is a round. Therefore, a year has four rounds, include the winter contest of the previous year and the spring, summer and autumn contests of the year.
Three works will be selected every quarter, and 12 works will be selected in four quarters. They, together with works resurrected by Super Nova Jury, will compete for the grand award of the year.

World Campus Masters 世界校园大师毕设作品优选计划2020春季赛开放报名第4张图片


[评审身份:Super Nova评委团、专业陪审团]

入围初评阶段:Young Bird Plan竞赛组委会对所有提交的作品进行初评并产生入围名单;

最终评定阶段:采用Super Nova评委团评分和专业陪审团评分结合的方式进行评比。Super Nova评委团评分占60%,专业陪审团评分占40%;

综合评分最高的3组作品获得季度WCM 世界校园大师称号。

每位Super Nova评委拥有复活当季一个作品的权利,被复活作品将获得年度评选资格。



WCM 世界校园大师季度称号获得者及被复活参赛者需按照主办方的要求完成相关流程,以进入年度评选。


综合评分最高的作品获得年度WCM 世界校园大师称号。


Evaluation Mechanism for Quarterly Awards:
[Jury involved: Super Nova Jury and Professional Representatives ]
Mass-selection Phase: Young Bird Plan competition organizing committee will make a preliminary evaluation of all submitted works and announce the shortlist;

Final Evaluation Phase:Super Nova Jury and Professional Representatives will score shortlists. After a comprehensive calculation of their scores, in which the former accounted for 60%, the latter accounted for 40%, three works with the highest comprehensive scores will be awarded with the title of World Campus Masters of the Quarter.
Each judge from Super Nova Jury has the right to resurrect a work for that quarter and the resurrected work will be eligible for competing for the World Campus Masters of the Year Award.

Evaluation Mechanism for the Award of the Year:
[Jury involved: Big Name Jury and Professional Representatives]
"World Campus Masters of the Quarter" winners and resurrected participants are required to complete the relevant processes in accordance with the requirements of the organizer to enter the annual selection.

For selecting out the world Campus Masters of the Year, Big Name Jury and Super Nova Jury need to score entries, based on the perspectiveness, pioneer spirit, epochal character, and thinking about optimization of the works. The final score will be 70% of Big Name Jury score and 30% of Professional Representatives score.
The work with the highest scores will be awarded with the title of World Campus Masters of the Year.

Note: Only people who registered as designverse users and have been certified as a member of the Professional Representatives (see below for the application process to become a member of Professional Representatives) are eligible for online voting.

World Campus Masters 世界校园大师毕设作品优选计划2020春季赛开放报名第5张图片

World Campus Masters 世界校园大师毕设作品优选计划2020春季赛开放报名第6张图片

World Campus Masters 世界校园大师毕设作品优选计划2020春季赛开放报名第7张图片

2020年度WCM 世界校园大师称号获奖者将获得:

2、参赛作品将永久载入WCM 世界校园大师榜单

2020春季WCM 世界校园大师(季度)称号的参赛者将获得:

3、参赛作品将永久载入WCM 世界校园大师榜单

WCM 世界校园大师每季度入围者将获得:

2、参赛作品将永久载入WCM 世界校园大师入围作品榜单

The winner of the WCM of the Year will gain:
1. RMB 20,000(before tax)
2. Entry will be permanently included in the list of the world campus masters.
3. 3 days homepage display on designverse (within 24 months after the award is announced, it will be invalid after expiration)
4. Get the opportunity to attend the Young Architects Speech Show held by designverse.
5. Award certificate

The winners of the WCM of the Quarter will gain:
1. An opportunity to compete for the World Campus Masters of the Year
2. RMB 1,500 book taken per work
3. Entry will be permanently included in the list of the world campus masters works.
4. 1 day homepage display on designverse (within 24 months after the award is announced, it will be invalid after expiration)
5.  Award certificate

The shortlists of the WCM of the Quarter will gain:
1. Shortlist Certificate
2. Entry will be permanently included in the list of the world campus masters shortlist works.


James Wei Ke Travel Fund for Architects:

World Campus Masters 世界校园大师毕设作品优选计划2020春季赛开放报名第8张图片

“柯卫建筑游历基金” 是柯卫先生以个人名义,为 “World Campus Masters 世界校园大师毕设作品优选计划” 设立的年度特别奖项。

该奖项由柯卫先生与Young Bird Plan 共同制定,旨在鼓励并资助年轻建筑师体验全球的好建筑,获得独特的设计感悟;支持与关注年轻建筑师,为新生设计思潮的前进注入推动力。




1. 进入“WCM世界校园大师”竞赛主页,注册并报名参加竞赛
2. 提交您已完成的毕业设计作品
3. 通过邮件形式申请此奖项,具体的邮件内容待入围名单发布后主办方将主动与入围选手取得联络。




WCM 世界校园大师设有企业设定自定义奖项特殊机制,全球企业、机构皆可自定义设立年度特别奖项,自定义奖项设立方案由企业与Young Bird Plan竞赛组委会共同制定,并在竞赛命题内实时更新和发布。

WCM 世界校园大师是一场设计新秀与全球所有行业的正向对话,企业自定义奖项的设立不仅是企业文化及品牌理念的输出渠道,更是对年轻羽翼的呵护和关注,也是为新生设计思潮的前行注入推动力。因此,WCM 世界校园大师企业自定义奖项是具有设计力和前瞻性的公司对年轻设计师的支持,参赛者可对此持续关注。


James Wei Ke Travel Fund for Architects is an annual special award set by Mr. James Wei Ke in his own name for WCM Program.
The award, jointly established by Mr. James Wei Ke and Young Bird Plan, aims at encouraging and funding young architects to experience the global excellent architectures and gain unique design insights through travel. In addition to supporting and paying attention to young architects, the award is also committed to giving impetus to the development of new design ideas.

Designers who graduated between 2015 and 2019 and major in Architecture are welcome to participate, including undergraduates and post-graduates within 5 calendar years after the current competition launched.

Access to Competition:
1. Entering into the “World Campus Masters Selective Graduation Design Program” contest homepage and then registering for the competition.
2. Submitting your completed graduation design.
3. Apply for this award by email. The specific email content will be explained by the organizers after the announcement of the shortlists.

Mr. James Wei Ke will select 2 groups of finalists from all the participants who submitted the application materials, each group will be rewarded RMB10,000 yuan (pre-tax) travel funds. In addition, Fund winners can also receive appropriate assistance based on their travel plans.

Corporate-tailored Award:
The WCM Program invites global companies and organizations to set up their own exclusive award. The tailored award will be set up by company and Young Bird Plan competition committee and it will be updated and released in real time.
The WCM World Campus Masters is a positive dialogue between the rising stars of the design world and all industries in the world. The establishment of corporate-customized award is not only an output channel of corporate culture and brand concept, but also our care and attention to young designers. Therefore, the WCM corporate-customized award is a support to young designers from strong and forward-looking company.
Companies interested in setting up your own award can contact us through this email:

World Campus Masters 世界校园大师毕设作品优选计划2020春季赛开放报名第9张图片


1、来自全球建筑、城市、景观、室内、工业、公共艺术等设计相关专业的2015-2019年度毕业生(奖项发布当季的5个自然年以内毕业的本科/硕士毕业生)皆可以个人或团队名义参加WCM 世界校园大师评选,提交内容为已经完成的毕业设计作品;
3、团队所有成员均需在designverse注册,常见问题请关注官网Q & A;



1. Designers who graduated between 2015 and 2019 and major in Architecture, Urban Design, Landscape Design, Interior Design, Industry Design, Public Art, etc. are welcome to participate, including undergraduates and post-graduates within 5 calendar years after the current competition launched. Both individuals and teams can participate in WCM Program and the submission is your completed graduation design works.
2. Team entries should be designed by the actual participants of the graduation project. There is no limit on the number of participants in each group. Only one work is allowed to submit for each group.
3. All team members are required to register on designverse. For common questions, please visit Q&A on our website.
4. You can register for the competition at If you have any questions, you can add WeChat: youngbirdplan for consultation.

Processes for Join in:
1. Register as a user of the designverse and then complete the information table;
2. Complete the payment of the registration fee;
3. Submit your master's/undergraduate graduation design work online, and also send your graduation design assignment to the email (it will be used as a reference for the judges)

World Campus Masters 世界校园大师毕设作品优选计划2020春季赛开放报名第10张图片

- 方案需完整呈现于最多12张A2纵向图纸上,要求图纸300dpi以上,10M以内,标注可读(页面边距8毫米),提交格式统一为JPG,每张图纸大小不超过10MB;

- 报名编号需标注于图纸右上角。编号要求字体:Arial 字号:20,参赛方案需自行命名,且按照建筑设计、景观设计、城市设计、工业设计、公共艺术等设计大类进行命名,作品图纸文件命名格式:“报名号-设计类别-01/02/03/04……”;

- 作品简介语言:中英双语或英语;

- 作品图纸使用语言:中英双语或英语最佳,也接受参赛者本国语言,关键部位建议使用英语标注;

- 所有图纸和文字说明中,请勿透露个人信息,包括姓名,学校等,凡透露个人信息者,一律取消参赛资格;

- 模型或实物可以照片形式进行展示,上传要求与作品方案要求一致,上传顺序需在设计方案之后;

- 作品需上传封面,封面为单张作品渲染图,大小为1045×654,72dpi,500KB以内。

- The plan needs to be fully presented on up to 12 A2 drawings of longitudinal layout, with 300dpi and readable labels (8 mm margin), and within 10M. The unified format for submission is JPG, and each drawing size does not exceed 10MB;
- The registration number must be marked in the upper right corner of the drawing. Its required font is Arial and the font size is 20. You should name your submission according to the design category,such as Architectural design, landscape design, urban design, industrial design, public art, etc. The naming format of the drawings follows the rule of “registration number-design category -01/02/03/04...";
- Language used in Work Introduction: Bilingual languages (Chinese-English) or English only;
- The language used in drawings: Bilingual language version (Chinese-English) is the best, and the native language of the participants is also accepted, but the key parts are recommended to be marked in English;
- Do not disclose personal information, including name, University, etc., in all drawings and captions. Anyone who discloses personal information will be disqualified;
- The model or the real object can be displayed through photos, and its uploading requirements are consistent with that of the proposal;
- The cover of the work needs to be uploaded. The cover is a single rendering of the work, and the size is 1045×654, 72dpi, within 500KB.

World Campus Masters 世界校园大师毕设作品优选计划2020春季赛开放报名第11张图片

[WCM 世界校园大师分季度进行评选]

2020春季赛: 1月21日0时-3月31日24时
专业陪审团及Super Nova评委团评分时间:4月中旬

[The Evaluation for WCM Program will be conducted quarterly]
Registration for Spring WCM Program 2020 opens from Jan. 21st, 2020 00:00 to Mar. 31st, 2020 24:00
Early registration: until Feburary 20 12:00
Regular registration: until March 10 12:00
Late registration: until March 31 24:00
Project submission deadline: December 31 24:00
Mass-selection: April 1st 0:00 - April 3rd, 24:00
Super Nova Jury and Profefessional Representatives deliberation: in the middle of April 2020
Announcement of Top3: at the end of April 2020

World Campus Masters 世界校园大师毕设作品优选计划2020春季赛开放报名第12张图片



WCM 世界校园大师2020年度奖:

出于对竞赛公平、公正的考量,WCM 世界校园大师季度称号获得者需在当季奖项公布后的30天内提交竞赛主办方所要求的相关内容,否则将无法参与年度评选。


WCM 世界校园大师2020年度奖公布时间:2020年11月


Registration for Summer WCM Program 2020 opens from Apr.8th  00:00 to Mar. 31 24:00
Registration for Autumn WCM Program 2020 opens from Jul.1st 00:00 to Sep. 30 24:00

The winner of WCM Program 2020:
The submission deadline: In consideration of the fairness and justice of the competition, the winners of WCM quarterly award shall submit the relevant contents required by the competition organizer within 30 days after the announcement of the quarterly award, otherwise, he/she will not be able to participate in the Final Battle of the Year.
Jury deliberation: in November 2020
Announcement of the winner of 2020: in November 2020

Note: GMT+8 time zone for all dates. In case of public holidays, it is appropriately postponed.See the official website for details.

World Campus Masters 世界校园大师毕设作品优选计划2020春季赛开放报名第13张图片



Early registration: RMB 50 per work
Regular registration: RMB 85 per work
Late registration: RMB 130 per work

Note: If you need to submit two works, you need to pay twice. Once registration fee have been paid, they will not be returned. In addition, there is no limit to the number of applicants for each group, and it should be in line with the real situation. All registration fees are spent on the further development of the awards.

World Campus Masters 世界校园大师毕设作品优选计划2020春季赛开放报名第14张图片

WCM 世界校园大师长期开放专业陪审团申请通道,申请者需向Young Bird Plan竞赛组委会提供专业背景证明,如个人简历、学生证、名片等。

提交申请的3个工作日内,Young Bird Plan竞赛组委会将告知申请结果。申请通过的用户可参与WCM 世界校园大师专业陪审团评分环节。

每季入围名单公布后的3个工作日内,当季的WCM 世界校园大师专业陪审团申请通道截止。超过截止日期的将自动视为对下一季的申请。


The WCM Progarm will open the application channel of Professional Representatives for a long time. Applicants are required to provide some material with us to show your professional background, such as resumes, student ID cards, or business cards. Within 3 working days after you submit the application, the Young Bird Plan Competition Organizing Committee will inform the application result. Applicants who pass the verification can become a member of the WCM Professional Representatives. The application channel  will be closed within 3 working days after the quarterly shortlist announced. Any application made after the deadline will automatically be considered an application for the next quarter competition.

Note: Contestant of the current season cannot apply to be the Professional Representative.

World Campus Masters 世界校园大师毕设作品优选计划2020春季赛开放报名第15张图片






In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the State, all participants who take the initiative to participate in this contest are deemed to have made the following irrevocable declaration regarding the copyright ownership of their submitted works:

1. Original statement
The submitted work must be an original work of the entrant and must not infringe any patent rights, copyrights, trademarks and other legal intellectual property rights of any third party. Once the non-original work is verified, the organizer has the right to immediately disqualify related entrant from the competition, being shortlisted, and receiving funding and take back the  subsidy funds and materials. In addition, the organizer still has the right to reserve the right to pursue legal liability in case of economic loss as a result of his or her dishonesty. For example,  If the organizer is sued or has other losses for this reason, the organizer has the right to claim full compensation from the participant. If the organizer has paid in advance, it has the right to recover all direct and indirect losses from the participants (including and not limited to attorney fees, legal fees, preservation fees, appraisal fees, notarization fees, etc.).

2. Agree to the statement
This competition adopts online-voting method, the upload of work indicates that the entrant agrees to authorize the organizer to onymously or anonymously display the work for the purpose of the launch of the competition, as well as the evaluation method of the competition. Before submitting the work, the participants have carefully read all the terms and fully understand and agree. The jury of this competition has the final decision on the results of all the winning works.

World Campus Masters 世界校园大师毕设作品优选计划2020春季赛开放报名第16张图片

Young Bird Plan

Young Bird Plan是上海嫩鸟品牌管理有限公司旗下,由创始人葉春曦女士发起成立于2013年,面向全球创意和设计人才的高品质竞赛平台。以目标建造、名师辅导、跨界评委为三大DNA,并迅速地在全球城市设计、建筑设计、景观设计、室内设计、产品设计、标识设计、时尚设计等各大设计领域内获得了高度关注。短短五年吸引到来自全球75个国家,310个城市,1045所全球顶尖设计院校,以及4257所全球一线事务所参与竞赛。不断对接政界、商界、学界的多角度需求,积极缝合设计师、制造商、开发商、城市运营商、使用者之间的断层,致力于设计和创新,让世界各地的创意人才参与到创造过程中,有机会参与和推动大量关注于城市空间与生活美学的竞赛设计项目与产品的完美实现,为中国的城市化发展和各品牌的产品迭代提供高质量的解决方案并做出贡献,致力于为青年设计力量的崛起创造一切可能,在业界拥有无可替代的影响力。迄今为止,已与多个政府、发展机构以及国际品牌合作,如浙江省遂昌县、重庆永川区、苏州高新区、招商局蛇口工业区、万科、华鑫置业、西岸集团、乐领、Sunbrella、DeCastelli、MATSU玛祖铭立、小罐茶、东鹏等。


Founded in 2013 by Isa Ye, Young Bird Plan, affiliated with Shanghai YoungBird Brand Management Co., Ltd is an international competition platform for global design talents. With three key elements, viz. fabrication, mentor’s guidance and interdisciplinary jury, it is fast becoming a leading voice in global design fields like urban design, architecture design, landscaping design, interior design, product design, logo design and fashion design. Since its inception, the platform has received submissions from 1045 colleges and universities and 4257 design institutes in 310 cities of 75 countries.
On the one hand, we constantly connect and meet various demands from political, business, and academic circles and actively fill supply and demand gaps among designers, manufacturers, developers, urban operators and users. We are committed to design and innovation, and offering opportunities for creative minds around the world to participate in creation process, so as to propel the implementation of design projects and products focusing on urban spaces and life aesthetics. Besides, Young Bird Plan is devoted to pushing the urban development and offering high-quality solutions to product updates. On the other hand, as one of the most influential design competition platforms around the world, we make every effort to create opportunities for young designers.
By now, we have cooperated with several governments, development agencies and international brands, e.g., Suichang County of Zhejiang Province, Yongchuan District of Chongqing City, Suzhou New District, China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone, Vanke Group, China Fortune Properties, Westbund, Leliving, Sunbrella, Destelli, MATSU Group, Xiao Guan Tea, Dongpeng Group, etc.

The organizer reserves the right to interpret the rules of the contest.

► Official Website(官网):

via: Young Bird Plan




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