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红砖与工业风的搭配之旅丨Sevkabel 港口改建第1张图片

Sevkabel Port / AB CHVOYA


来自建筑事务所的描述:这是Sevkabel 古老工厂大型沿海发展项目。这一工厂位于Vasilyevsky岛上,场地位于街道和荷兰湾之间。Siemens & Halske工厂的19世纪红砖建筑与20世纪70年代的工业设施都位于这块场地中。这些建筑有着砖混网格肌理,相互协调但彼此不同,而这些不同也形成复杂的不规则空间。为了解决现有的环境,建筑师将重心放于现存建筑的更新与改造之中,同时保留现存的工厂风格。这一方法强调现有场地的工业特点。

Text description provided by the architects. This is a big coastal development project for the historic Sevkabel factory (Siemens & Halske), situated on Vasilyevsky Island. The site is located in an industrial district, placed right between the street (Kozhewennaya linia) and the Gulf of Finland. Old red-brick 19th-century buildings of the Siemens & Halske manufactory coexist with and industrial facilities of the 70s of the 20th century on the same site. These buildings are located in different Coordinate grids of the brick and concrete buildings differ from each other, and that difference creates complex, trapezoidal spaces between them. Dealing with an existing environment, we focused our efforts on the renovation and adaptation of existing buildings, as well as on the preservation of the industrial genius loci. This approach allowed us to emphasize the existing features of the site, including some of the industrial artifacts.

红砖与工业风的搭配之旅丨Sevkabel 港口改建第2张图片

红砖与工业风的搭配之旅丨Sevkabel 港口改建第3张图片


We chose black raw metal and plain wood as basic materials. The area which is facing the street is relatively traditional – benches and streetlamps of neutral design are placed on small scale granite paving, while the inside territory was considered as a post-industrial free space. The main entrance is marked by four large rusty rotating pylons. Position of which varies, depending on the situation. The inner alley is flanked by multifunctional wooden objects that combine a tower, a bench, and a lamp. Their design is inspired by cable reels, which were widely used in this particular factory. The embankment is divided along into two zones - a lawn is spread right next to the water, while wooden slab forms a new hyper-porch for the main building. 9-meter long benches are located in each niche of the elevation, and on the lawn, one may find vertical double-berths for sunbathing. All design solutions are as simple as possible and use industrial materials and aesthetics.

红砖与工业风的搭配之旅丨Sevkabel 港口改建第4张图片

红砖与工业风的搭配之旅丨Sevkabel 港口改建第5张图片

红砖与工业风的搭配之旅丨Sevkabel 港口改建第6张图片

红砖与工业风的搭配之旅丨Sevkabel 港口改建第7张图片


The functional infill of the buildings is truly diverse, all of the residents were carefully selected by the project team in such a way, that all of them are involved in the renovation process. The historic red-brick buildings are mainly occupied by small workshops and bureaus, as well as offices, groud floors are mainly used for restaurants and bars. The former cable hall has been turned into a cozy event space. The Soviet administrative building accommodated a variety of educational and sports projects, as well as shops. The largest concrete building, which faces the sea, accommodates a covered plaza, music club and a restaurant on the ground floor. Museum, gallery and theatrical exhibition project are expected to run on the first floor by the end of the year.

红砖与工业风的搭配之旅丨Sevkabel 港口改建第8张图片

红砖与工业风的搭配之旅丨Sevkabel 港口改建第9张图片

红砖与工业风的搭配之旅丨Sevkabel 港口改建第10张图片

红砖与工业风的搭配之旅丨Sevkabel 港口改建第11张图片

Sevkabel 港口项目是一个发展进程,它代表这一区域沿海工业区的发展。以前的工业场地变成为每个人服务的多功能建筑,也成为人们欣赏海景的地方。

The Sevkabel PORT project is a process and represents the development perspective of the entire coastal industrial zone of this area. The former industrial site turns into a multifunctional cluster for everyone and a place where the city meets the sea.

红砖与工业风的搭配之旅丨Sevkabel 港口改建第12张图片

红砖与工业风的搭配之旅丨Sevkabel 港口改建第13张图片

红砖与工业风的搭配之旅丨Sevkabel 港口改建第14张图片

红砖与工业风的搭配之旅丨Sevkabel 港口改建第15张图片

红砖与工业风的搭配之旅丨Sevkabel 港口改建第16张图片

红砖与工业风的搭配之旅丨Sevkabel 港口改建第17张图片

红砖与工业风的搭配之旅丨Sevkabel 港口改建第18张图片

红砖与工业风的搭配之旅丨Sevkabel 港口改建第19张图片

红砖与工业风的搭配之旅丨Sevkabel 港口改建第20张图片

红砖与工业风的搭配之旅丨Sevkabel 港口改建第21张图片

红砖与工业风的搭配之旅丨Sevkabel 港口改建第22张图片

红砖与工业风的搭配之旅丨Sevkabel 港口改建第23张图片

红砖与工业风的搭配之旅丨Sevkabel 港口改建第24张图片

红砖与工业风的搭配之旅丨Sevkabel 港口改建第25张图片

红砖与工业风的搭配之旅丨Sevkabel 港口改建第26张图片

面积:32000.0 ㎡
摄影: Grigoriy Sokolinsky

Architects: AB CHVOYA
Location: Kozhevennaya Liniya, 40, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Category: Installations & Structures
Area: 32000.0 ㎡
Project Year: 2019
Photographs: Grigoriy Sokolinsky




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