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老建筑再利用,资源高效化丨Lugar da Lapa 乡村住宅第1张图片

Country House in Lugar da Lapa / ADAPTEYE


来自建筑事务所的描述:该项目位于葡萄牙Lugar da Lapa乡村地区。距离“Passadiços do Paiva”南部大约10公里路程,这里曾获2017年与2018年的世界最佳探险旅行地的称号。但由于当地缺乏具有特色的住宿场所,客户希望扩建一座住宅,从而在乡村地区开发旅游项目,同时促进当地的可持续发展。

Text description provided by the architects. The property is located in the vicinity of the rural nucleus of the Fornelos in Lugar da Lapa in the county of Cinfães do Douro. It is located about 10 km south of the "Passadiços do Paiva", which in 2017 and 2018 were recognized as the Best World Adventure Travel Attraction. The owner intended to recover and expand a residential house in order to install a rural tourism project in the country side, to respond to the lack of accommodation with these characteristics in the region and at the same time contribute to the development of the local economy in a sustainable way.

老建筑再利用,资源高效化丨Lugar da Lapa 乡村住宅第2张图片


The intervention area is developed on terraces, with a total area of 3.545,40 m2 and is composed of a detached house located in front of the public road that allows a privileged view of the surrounding territory to the West/South. The granite masonry wall separates the public space from the property. The existing building was not habitable, and the walls were built in stone masonry with the structured cover and intermediate wood floor and cover in ceramic tile in bad state of conservation and without intrinsic conditions and techniques to be recovered. It was a modest country house with small areas, where the ground floor would supposedly be used to store agricultural and/or animal tools, and on the upper floor the house was built with two bedrooms, living room and kitchen with oven.

老建筑再利用,资源高效化丨Lugar da Lapa 乡村住宅第3张图片


The proposed solution had as its objective to maintain the existing structure, mainly the preservation and recovery of the exterior walls of granite masonry (conservation) the reformulation of the internal compartmentation of the house (alteration) to adapt to another use and the construction of a new volume for the creation of housing units (enlargement). The connection of the existing house to the new extension was made through another new body (porch) that makes the separation between the social space and the private one of the enterprise. The existing structure to be restored keeps the stone masonry in sight and the type of ceramic tile, while the magnification reinvents itself with other materials characteristic of the region that enriches the dialogue, through a coating on wooden slats on the walls and slate coverage.

老建筑再利用,资源高效化丨Lugar da Lapa 乡村住宅第4张图片


This new volume, taking on a role, integrating and harmonious of the landscape where it is inserted, was implanted, taking into account the closer and direct relation with the preexistence, thus allowing to enjoy the magnificent views of the surrounding landscape.

老建筑再利用,资源高效化丨Lugar da Lapa 乡村住宅第5张图片

老建筑再利用,资源高效化丨Lugar da Lapa 乡村住宅第6张图片

老建筑再利用,资源高效化丨Lugar da Lapa 乡村住宅第7张图片

老建筑再利用,资源高效化丨Lugar da Lapa 乡村住宅第8张图片


Access to the development remains in the same position, with the passage now closed with an iron gate and with the rebuilding of the stone stairway that connects to the covered outside porch.

老建筑再利用,资源高效化丨Lugar da Lapa 乡村住宅第9张图片


This leisure area, besides being the large lobby at the reception is a meeting point to be in company with the outdoor oven and enjoy the silence of the place.

老建筑再利用,资源高效化丨Lugar da Lapa 乡村住宅第10张图片

老建筑再利用,资源高效化丨Lugar da Lapa 乡村住宅第11张图片

老建筑再利用,资源高效化丨Lugar da Lapa 乡村住宅第12张图片


In terms of organization of spaces, we chose the following:
a) Pre-existence with common use spaces (kitchen, living and dining room, cellar / storage and sanitary support facility);
b) New volume with the spaces of more intimate use (bedroom - suite).

老建筑再利用,资源高效化丨Lugar da Lapa 乡村住宅第13张图片


In relation to the existing house was decided on the upper floor, create a large space, continuity with several areas (kitchen / dining room and living room) with the view of the ceiling liner design and wooden structure. Also note the recovery of the wood oven and the inclusion of a stove.

老建筑再利用,资源高效化丨Lugar da Lapa 乡村住宅第14张图片


The connection to the ground floor is through a wooden staircase that did not originally exist, where we find the cellar a continuity space of the living room (where it is also intended to be a wine tasting space) also has a relationship visual with the landscape and also allows direct access to the outside.

老建筑再利用,资源高效化丨Lugar da Lapa 乡村住宅第15张图片

老建筑再利用,资源高效化丨Lugar da Lapa 乡村住宅第16张图片

老建筑再利用,资源高效化丨Lugar da Lapa 乡村住宅第17张图片

老建筑再利用,资源高效化丨Lugar da Lapa 乡村住宅第18张图片


Regarding the construction system used, in the original construction the structural walls in stone masonry were maintained and the wooden structure in poor condition was replaced by another wooden structure reproducing the traditional constructive.

老建筑再利用,资源高效化丨Lugar da Lapa 乡村住宅第19张图片

老建筑再利用,资源高效化丨Lugar da Lapa 乡村住宅第20张图片

老建筑再利用,资源高效化丨Lugar da Lapa 乡村住宅第21张图片

老建筑再利用,资源高效化丨Lugar da Lapa 乡村住宅第22张图片

老建筑再利用,资源高效化丨Lugar da Lapa 乡村住宅第23张图片

老建筑再利用,资源高效化丨Lugar da Lapa 乡村住宅第24张图片

老建筑再利用,资源高效化丨Lugar da Lapa 乡村住宅第25张图片

老建筑再利用,资源高效化丨Lugar da Lapa 乡村住宅第26张图片

建筑设计:Rui Filipe Veloso
团队:João Pedro Ferreira
工程公司:SprenPlan Engenharia
总承包商:AOF – Augusto de Oliveira Ferreira & Ca Lda.
面积:2994.3 平方英尺(约278.2平方米)
摄影:José Campos

Architects: Rui Filipe Veloso
Location: Lugar da Lapa, Fornelos – Cinfães - Portugal
Category: Extension
Team: João Pedro Ferreira
Engineering Firm: SprenPlan Engenharia
General Contractor: AOF – Augusto de Oliveira Ferreira & Ca Lda.
Manufacturers: Loading...
Area: 2994.3 ft2
Project Year: 2018
Photographs: José Campos




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