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民众的期待,社区的福祉丨澳大利亚Nth Fitzroy公寓第1张图片

Nth Fitzroy by Milieu / FIELDWORK Design & Architecture


来自建筑设计事务所的描述:澳大利亚Fitzroy北部有着宽阔的街道,这里树林郁,是一个适合创新型垂直生活的好场所。Nth FITZROY公寓项目由城市开发商Milieu发起,由Fieldwork建筑事务所、Flack Studio室内设计工作室联合设计,该项目也成为了墨尔本历史街区中的典型住宅空间。

Text description provided by the architects. Lauded for its wide, tree-lined streets and distinct character; North Fitzroy has emerged as a destination for innovative vertical living. Nth FITZROY By Milieu - a carefully considered collaboration between progressive urban developer Milieu, architecture practice Fieldwork and interior design wunderkind Flack Studio - finds respectful equilibrium amongst the storied architecture of one of Melbourne’s most historic suburbs.

民众的期待,社区的福祉丨澳大利亚Nth Fitzroy公寓第2张图片

项目位于Fitzroy北部的咖啡文化区,距离Rathdowne村落的零售区、音乐厅、Brunswick大街的酒吧与餐厅,以及Carlton与 Edinborough花园的绿色空间只有几步之遥。建筑一共4层,包含26套公寓,是当地社区的创新型案例,同时也给当地社区带来了积极的影响。

Sitting at the epicentre of North Fitzroy’s rich cafe culture; a short walk from Rathdowne Village’s epicurean retailers, the live music, restaurant and bar scene of Brunswick Street, and the lush green enclave of Carlton and Edinborough Gardens, this four level, 26 apartment, vertical community is an innovative example of Milieu’s commitment to contributing spaces of influence.

民众的期待,社区的福祉丨澳大利亚Nth Fitzroy公寓第3张图片

民众的期待,社区的福祉丨澳大利亚Nth Fitzroy公寓第4张图片

Nth FITZROY公寓的立面包裹着金属网格和百叶窗,其独特的外部形态不仅仅能让使用者自行调节功能空间,满足公寓的内部通风,还能让路过的人们观察到不断变化的建筑立面形态。

Notable for a facade cloaked in expanded metal mesh and integrated, operable shutters that allow the building to breathe, Nth FITZROY’s unique exterior not only allows occupants to influence their outlook but affords the passer by an ever-changing kaleidoscope of configurations.

民众的期待,社区的福祉丨澳大利亚Nth Fitzroy公寓第5张图片



Here, Fieldwork’s philosophy of practicing architecture as a living form is palpable.
“Architecture should be agile and enduring. As designers we’re sensitive to the evolving needs of its inhabitants. We believe architecture is a sensitive, spatial practice from which the entirety of life unfolds” Fieldwork located in nearby Collingwood.

民众的期待,社区的福祉丨澳大利亚Nth Fitzroy公寓第6张图片


The mesh hull is thoughtfully protean, designed to deliver both form and function. It enhances the building’s thermal performance by creating shade and reducing heat on glazed surfaces, whilst acting as a conduit for diffused sunlight that creates a natural play of light and shadow throughout the day. The occupants need for privacy doesn’t diminish the external vantage as, come nightfall, the warm filtered glow from within invokes a sense of candlelit congeniality. Shutters can be opened and closed in tune with the fluctuation of the weather and season to access natural airflow and light.

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民众的期待,社区的福祉丨澳大利亚Nth Fitzroy公寓第8张图片

民众的期待,社区的福祉丨澳大利亚Nth Fitzroy公寓第9张图片


Inside, Flack Studio’s judicious selection of textured and high quality materials and finishes has created tactile living space with seductive aesthetic qualities. Natural stone in the kitchens and bathrooms, and fine detailing and accents throughout each residence achieve a harmonious and polished finish. Clever storage solutions are intuitively designed and made to maximise living space; the sense of space reinforced by 2.8 metre high exposed concrete ceilings.

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民众的期待,社区的福祉丨澳大利亚Nth Fitzroy公寓第11张图片

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Apartments are connected via a central open-air atrium with shared walkways, greenery and communal areas. Designed to cultivate well being and offer the opportunity for social exchange, the atrium also affords further cross flow ventilation.

民众的期待,社区的福祉丨澳大利亚Nth Fitzroy公寓第13张图片

在地面层,Nth FITZROY公寓位于场地的角落位置,远远看上去,似乎它拥抱着整个当地社区,在今年4月即将投入使用的餐厅能够更好地将当地人们聚集在一起。另外,Flack工作室的Lagotto创新设计也为城市道路带来了新活力,在夜晚,如果公寓居民不想做饭,他们可以通过商店中简单的咖啡、餐饮而沟通交流。Lagotto也将成为当地的又一个友好会面地点。

At ground level, Nth FITZROY’s corner site aims to embraces its local community, bringing together occupants and local residents alike at Lagotto Corner and Food Store, due to open in April 2019. Reinvigorating the prominent local thoroughfare, Lagotto designed by Flack Studio will encourage connection through the simple act of picking up a takeaway coffee, or perhaps a lovingly prepared take home meal for those nights when cooking is simply not an option. Lagotto will be the third venue for Milieu Hospitality following Congress in Collingwood and Future Future in Richmond.

民众的期待,社区的福祉丨澳大利亚Nth Fitzroy公寓第14张图片

墨尔本的物理与社会环境不断地影响着开发商Milieu,因此开发商和Fieldwork事务所给出了为人们带来更加自然友好的环境意识的承诺,,同时,Flack工作室也希望能够将这种目标转化在实际的空间体验之中,于是,细腻精致的Nth FITZROY公寓项目便应运而生,该项目的开发不仅带给使用者完美的功能空间,另外还给社区带来了联系性强且可持续的建筑项目。

Milieu continues to be inspired by the physical and social setting of Melbourne. This, partnered with Fieldwork’s commitment to a more environmentally conscious world and Flack Studio’s desire to transform vision into experiences, has resulted in Nth FITZROY - a refined multi residential development in which functionality nurtures connection and sustainable well being.

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民众的期待,社区的福祉丨澳大利亚Nth Fitzroy公寓第24张图片

民众的期待,社区的福祉丨澳大利亚Nth Fitzroy公寓第25张图片

民众的期待,社区的福祉丨澳大利亚Nth Fitzroy公寓第26张图片

面积:3230.0 ㎡
摄影:Rory Gardiner, Sean Fennessy
制造商:Duravit, smeg usa, Signorino
项目开发:Milieu Property
室内设计:Flack Studio

Architects: Fieldwork
Location: Fitzroy North, Australia
Category: Houses
Area: 3230.0 m2
Project Year: 2019
Photographs: Rory Gardiner, Sean Fennessy
Manufacturers: Duravit, smeg usa, Signorino
Developer: Milieu Property
Interior Designer: Flack Studio




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