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Paasitorni酒店/ K2S建筑师第1张图片

Paasitorni酒店/ K2S建筑师
Architects: K2S Architects
Location: Paasitorni, Finland
Project Architect: Juha Sundqvist
Head Designers: Mikko Summanen, Kimmo Lintula and Niko Sirola
Design Team: Mikko Naveri, Matias Manninen, Tommi Terasto, Elina Tenho, Tommi Mauno, Teija Tarvo, Jarno Vesa, Outi Pirhonen, Tetsujiro Kyuma, Kristian Forsberg
Project Year: 2012
Photographs: Courtesy of K2S Architects
建筑事务所: K2S Architects
项目建筑师:Juha Sundqvist
首席设计师: Mikko Summanen, Kimmo Lintula and Niko Sirola
设计团队: Mikko Naveri, Matias Manninen, Tommi Terasto, Elina Tenho, Tommi Mauno, Teija Tarvo, Jarno Vesa, Outi Pirhonen, Tetsujiro Kyuma, Kristian Forsberg
摄影:K2S Architects的好意
委托人:HWA Helsinki Workers Association
Project Area: 4,209 sqm
Client: HWA Helsinki Workers Association

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The granite Paasitorni fortress was originally built for the use of Helsinki labor movement. It was designed by Karl Lindahl and the first phase was completed 1908. Now the block functions as a successful conference center. Paasitorni Hotel comprises of two existing buildings and a new wing hidden behind early 20-century and 1950s facades.

这座坚毅的Paasitorni要塞始建于赫尔辛基的劳工运动。设计者Karl Lindahl设计的要塞第一阶段完成于1908年。如今要塞的功能已经成功转型为会议中心。Paasitorni酒店包含了两座现存的建筑物和一个新翼夹在20世纪前的1950年代的外立面之一。
Courtesy of K2S Architects
The architectural guide line has been to emphasize the arhitectures of four distinct eras that are present in the Paasitorni quarters – 1908, 1925, 1955 and 2012.
建筑设计准则在乎强调四个不同的年代,在Paasitorni的1908, 1925, 1955 和 2012.

Paasitorni酒店/ K2S建筑师第3张图片

Courtesy of K2S Architects
The geometry of the new wing is softly curving in order to allow flow of space and light. Facades are constructed of ivory white brick. On two sides of building the brick facade turns into brick ”lace” which functions as a filtering layer between the rooms and the inner court yard. During the night the new wing glows like a snow lantern. A customized brick was developed for especially for the project. The brick has oval shaped holes in both ends to allow tolerance for the steel supports used to strengthen the wall. Also the lively surface texture of the brick was developed for this particular use.


Paasitorni酒店/ K2S建筑师第4张图片

Courtesy of K2S Architects
The inner courtyard was previously used mainly as a service yard. Now the inner courtyard and the first under ground level have been turned into a new heart for the whole block. The roof windows – “the light ponds”- give a new character to the space as well as provide natural light and space to the underground level. They serve as an important means of orientation within the block. Under the new hotel wing there are three new conference spaces. The largest of them is a conference hall for an audience of 300.

Paasitorni酒店/ K2S建筑师第5张图片

Courtesy of K2S Architects
The hotel is located in three parts of the quarters – the twenties, the fifties and 2012. Thus there are three different atmospheres in the hotel. Were as the twenties rooms are more spacious and traditional, the fifties rooms are more compact. The rooms in the new wing are most contemporary in style and two thirds of them have balconies.


Paasitorni酒店/ K2S建筑师第6张图片

Courtesy of K2S Architects
In addition to the hotel and conference spaces a completely new level for logistics and service has been built below the sea level. The level can be accessed with a service trucks and provides a modern system of logistics for this historical quarters.


Paasitorni酒店/ K2S建筑师第7张图片

Courtesy of K2S Architects
The construction of the new additions are mostly cast-in-situ concrete.
Paasitorni酒店/ K2S建筑师第8张图片

Courtesy of K2S Architects
The design philosophy concentrates in respecting the listed buildings and in adding a unique contemporary layer of architecture inside the exiting framework. The restoration of listed facades and interiors have been made in close cooperation with the Helsinki City Museum and the National Board of Antiquities.


Paasitorni酒店/ K2S建筑师第9张图片

Courtesy of K2S Architects

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