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What 7 Global Cities Would Look Like Through Time?


建筑展现了城市的历史,而不同时代、不同风格的建筑可以为我们带来不同的历史感受。但是未来的城市是什么样子的呢? Budget Direct直接将七个具有全球性的城市视觉化,并将未来的项目加入到他们的城市天际线中。

Architecture shows the history of cities, buildings of different eras and styles sit beside each other for us to experience history at first hand. But what would the future look like? Budget Direct visualized seven global cities with future projects added into their skyline.



Ayn Rand在她1943年的经典小说“The Sourtainhead”中这样写道,“纽约的天际线是一座辉煌的纪念碑,是任何建筑都不可比拟的。”

大多数人都认为曼哈顿的城市剪影很特别,而且这个城市的建筑发展野心也没有丝毫松动的迹象——它已经成为是仅次于香港的,第二高的城市了。而如果像u形大弯道(U-shaped Big Bend)和令人惊叹的Times Squared 3015这样的项目被曝光出来,那么埃及金字塔看起来就真的十分的渺小了。

“The skyline of New York is a monument of a splendor that no pyramids or palaces will ever equal or approach.” So said Ayn Rand in her classic 1943 novel, The Fountainhead.
Most would agree that Manhattan’s silhouette is something special, and the city’s architectural ambition shows no signs of letting up – it’s already the second-tallest overall after Hong Kong. And should projects like the U-shaped Big Bend and the jaw-dropping Times Squared 3015 come to light, the Egyptian pyramids really will seem like sandcastles.




但自从上世纪80年代爆发的建筑热潮以来,如今这座城市已经拥有了近600座摩天大楼。未来不可避免地会出现更多的高楼、从空中列车(Skytrain)轨道上悬挑而出的自行车道、高速公路下的绿色空间以及高于水位上升区的社区,而这些都有可能在新“东方威尼斯(Venice of the East)”中占有一席之地。


In Bangkok, life is lived in the streets. The city’s vernacular architecture, most iconically represented by the shophouse, is small-scale. Even its older statement-making structures – from the Royal Grand Palace complex to various beautiful temples (wat) – tend to be low-rise.
But since the unregulated building frenzy of the 1980s, the city now has nearly 600 skyscrapers. While the future will inevitably see more high-rises, cycle lanes cantilevered from Skytrain tracks, green spaces beneath highways and communities elevated above rising water levels all might have a place in the new ‘Venice of the East.’



迪拜城市的特点实际上在于其天际线。这座城市在视觉上的影响似乎与其可居住性同样重要。但是,认为迪拜是在沙漠中凭空出现的想法是不完全正确的。它的旧城市结构包括了Al Fahidi历史街区,可以追溯到19世纪90年代。

自近一个世纪内开始的城市扩张以来,迪拜已经发展到了顶峰的状态;在其他地方看似天马行空般的建筑项目都在这里实现了。 Burj Khalifa实际上只是一个开始。也许迪拜未来最令人叹为观止的发展项目是75公里长的阿拉伯运河(Arabian Canal)和 动力塔(Dynamic Tower),其420米高的构造全部被设计为可以旋转的。

Dubai practically is its skyline. This city-state seems to be as much about visible impact as it is about liveability. But the notion that Dubai emerged in the desert out of nothing isn’t quite right. Its older fabric includes the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, which dates back to the 1890s.
Since the start of its urban expansion nearly a century later, Dubai has gone stratospheric; projects that would be architectural pie-in-the-sky elsewhere have come true here. And the Burj Khalifa is really just the start. Perhaps the most stunning of Dubai’s potential future developments are the 75km Arabian Canal and the Dynamic Tower, all 420m of which will rotate.



莫斯科的天际线孕育出了很多东西。至少,其中的一些古老的元素是这样的,包括像洋葱一样的圣巴西尔大教堂(St. Basil’s Cathedral)和克里姆林宫(Kremlin),这些都是在间谍电影和冷战惊悚片中为人们所熟悉的。但莫斯科已经向前发展了——或者说是向上发展了。

Soviet-era Seven Sisters据说是斯大林为了与纽约竞争而建造的。1992年,莫斯科市国际商务中心项目开始施工,其中包括欧洲三座最高的建筑。但即便如此,诺曼•福斯特(Norman Foster)充满野心的 Crystal 岛方案也会令它们相形见绌。方案一旦被建成,将会成为地球上最大的建筑。

The Moscow skyline broods. At least, its older elements do, with the likes of onion-domed St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin, so familiar from spy movies and Cold War thrillers. But Moscow has moved on – or up.
The Soviet-era Seven Sisters were supposedly constructed by Stalin to compete with New York, and in 1992 work commenced on the Moscow City International Business Center project, which includes three of Europe’s tallest buildings. But even they would be dwarfed by Norman Foster’s outrageously ambitious Crystal Island project, which will be the largest structure on earth – if it’s ever built.



在Sugarloaf山和救世主基督像之间的里约是可以立即被认出(非常有标识性)的城市之一。这座城市并不缺乏建筑的多样性,有像Copacabana Palace 酒店这样的经典建筑与现代艺术博物馆等现代杰作共同存在。里约未来将利用其沿海的位置来开发海洋农场和其他以岛屿为基础的项目,而城市规划者则认为,未来贫民窟的再设计可以提供健康、可步行和自我组织的生活环境。

Rio de Janeiro
Between Sugarloaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer, Rio is one of those instantly recognisable cities. And with classic buildings like the Copacabana Palace Hotel juxtaposed with modern masterpieces like the Museum of Modern Art, the city isn’t lacking for architectural variety.
The future of Rio sees it making use of its coastal location for marine farms and other island-based developments, while urban planners reckon that futuristic favela re-designs can provide healthy, walkable and self-organised living environments.



伦敦是皇家的,是宗教的,是公正的——至少,这是白金汉宫(Buckingham Palace)、威斯敏斯特教堂(Westminster Abbey )和国会大厦等标志性地标建筑所讲述的故事。但同时,这座首都也已成为当代建筑的避风港。你可以给它们起古怪的绰号,但摩天大楼如30 St. Mary Axe (‘The Gherkin’) 和20 Fenchurch Street (‘The Walkie Talkie’)意味着商业的时代。未来必然会有很多像伦敦尖顶这样新的现代摩天大楼拔地而起,而我们希望看到这座无穷无尽的垂直城市变得生机勃勃。

London is royal, London is religious and London is righteous – at least, that’s the story told by such iconic landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. But the capital city has also become a haven for contemporary architecture.
You can give them quirky nicknames, but skyscrapers such as 30 St. Mary Axe (‘The Gherkin’) and 20 Fenchurch Street (‘The Walkie Talkie’) mean business. While the future is bound to hold a bevy of new, modern skyscrapers like Spire London, we’d like to see the Endless Vertical City come to life.



为1889年世界博览会而建的埃菲尔铁塔,也许是巴黎最著名的象征,但它远非唯一的象征。这座城市中令人叹为观止的战前建筑正在被展示,从巴黎圣母院(Notre Dame)、 凯旋门(Arc de Triomphe)到美丽的蒙马特公墓(Montmartre)建筑。



The Eiffel Tower, built for the 1889 World Fair, might be the most recognisable symbol of Paris, but it’s far from the only one. The city’s incredible pre-war architecture is on display, from Notre Dame and the Arc de Triomphe to the gorgeous buildings of Montmartre.
And while more contemporary developments like the Centre Pompidou can hold their own, will ‘farmscrapers’ and ‘smart’ green buildings dominate this iconic skyline in the future?

Via budgetdirect




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