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SpActrum 谱空间工作室

SpActrum/“谱空间工作室” 是在英国伦敦成立的跨文化的设计、艺术工作室,工作范围涉及建筑、当代艺术、时尚、古董收藏、文化研究、出版等诸多领域,致力于以艺术、设计实践推动研究,从对自身及周遭的兴趣出发,不断延伸思考的疆域,发展非常规的研究方法,进行批判性实践。

SpActrum is an award-winning design and art studio, founded in London in 2011. The practice specialises in architectural subject and believes in a cross-disciplinary approach in the current design industry, actively participating in disparate fields such as contemporary art, fashion, cultural reading, publication, antique collection and more. Our knowledge areas are continuously evolving through our introspection and interests from our diverse projects, to explore alternative research methods and deepen our critical practice.

关于我们 | About us


2003年,创始人李真,开始在英国伦敦建筑联盟学院AA School修习建筑历史与理论硕士,之后于《青年视觉》担任艺术与设计版块编辑,并为ID、FRAME、AREA等艺术和设计杂志专栏撰稿,策划中英艺术文化交流项目,后转向纯艺术,进入英国皇家艺术学院(RCA)Fine Art School攻读博士。

合伙人郑宇,毕业于伦敦建筑联盟学院AA School,并获得AA Diploma Honour提名,为获此殊荣的大陆第一位建筑设计师,曾工作于LASSA Architects、Urban Systems、Ben Adams Architects等伦敦建筑事务所并成为其主创团队成员;曾任教中国美院大三课程指导,以及AA Diploma 17课程指导。




Pan Yan is the founding partner and design principle of SpActrum. Yan graduated from the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, London. He has worked in high-profile design firms, such as Fosters + Partners, KPF and RTKL before he founded his own practice with Li Zhen. He published the architectural education book Transfers, has written essays, articles for architecture and design journals and regularly gives lectures in top-ranking universities worldwide.

Li Zhen is the founding partner and art director for SpActrum. Zhen attained her bachelor degree in architecture from Chongqing University and then carried out her master degree in Architectural Histories and Theories at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London. She was then the editor of Art & Design Section in Vision magazine. She has also worked as a freelance journalist and columnist for various media such as ID Frame, Area and ImageNation. She is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in Fine Art at the Royal College of Art in London.

Zheng Yu is a Partner of SpActrum. Yu graduated from Architectural Association School of Architecture in London with an Honour nomination. He was the first honours nominee from China. He has led several projects in London based practices, having worked on projects in a vast range of scales and formats. He is also actively participating in academia, tutoring in AA Diploma Unit 17 and China Art Academy Year 3.

SpActrum closely collaborates with clients who are the leading pioneer figures in fashion, contemporary art, tourism, commercial and many other fields, with projects crossing different scales and types, from interior design to urbanism, from architectural revitalisation to urban art installations. We approach our practice with critical thinking and bespoke designs as the respond to the increasing demands of personalised consumption and lifestyle, the severe urbanism issues and the reforming changes of social environment and industrial structure. The current on-going commissions include regional planning for Chinese traditional villages, vacation town strategic designs, large-scale public and commercial building designs, art district redevelopment, house renovations, fashion show scenes designs, and boutique fashion shop rebranding and so on.





办公环境 | Office Environment

▽SpActrum 北京办公室,点击这里可以观看办公室VR展示,click HERE to see the SpActrum Beijing Office VR

(北京)谱空间工作室 SpActrum Studio – 项目建筑师 / 建筑师 / 助理建筑师 / 媒...第1张图片

公司项目 | Projects

北京艺术家住宅 / Beijing Artist Villa
西安伟志大厦 / Xi’an Weizhi Headquarter
西安静心酒店 / Xi’an Serenity Hotel
西安麦克森展示中心 / Xi’an Maxsun Product Display Centre
太原MASSTONE国际品牌集合店 / Taiyuan MASSTONE Boutique Fashion Store
北京中央艺术区规划 / Beijing Central Art District Planning
北京李桥国际艺术区 / Beijing Liqiao International Art District
长谷磁砖连锁展厅 / Changgu Ceramics Chain Store Showroom
武汉HCH品牌集合店 / Wuhan HCH Boutique Fashion Store
浙江楠溪江全流域旅游开发配套建筑群 / Nanxi River Regional Tourism Architectural Complex
哈尔滨中国小火车国际艺术区 / Harbin Forest Train International Art District
上海新天地HCH品牌集合店 / Shanghai Xintiandi HCH Boutique Fashion Store
上海时装周Obtuse Triangle Show / Shanghai Fashion Week Obtuse Triangle Show
浙江温州明珠7号邮轮码头 / Wenzhou Pearl No.7 Cruise Port Redevelopment
浙江温州山根古村落改造开发 / Wenzhou Shangen Village Redevelopment
浙江青龙谷悬崖酒店 / Zhejiang Dragon Valley Cliff Hotel Resort
重庆长江当代美术馆扩建 / Chongqing Yangzi River Contemporary Gallery Extension
重庆茶园谷养生小镇 / Chongqing Tea Plant Valley Wellbeing Town
重庆国医馆 / Chongqing Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute


(北京)谱空间工作室 SpActrum Studio – 项目建筑师 / 建筑师 / 助理建筑师 / 媒...第2张图片

(北京)谱空间工作室 SpActrum Studio – 项目建筑师 / 建筑师 / 助理建筑师 / 媒...第3张图片


(北京)谱空间工作室 SpActrum Studio – 项目建筑师 / 建筑师 / 助理建筑师 / 媒...第4张图片


(北京)谱空间工作室 SpActrum Studio – 项目建筑师 / 建筑师 / 助理建筑师 / 媒...第5张图片

▽武汉HCH品牌集合店(左)/ 西安伟志大厦(与LASSA建筑师事务所合作)(右)

(北京)谱空间工作室 SpActrum Studio – 项目建筑师 / 建筑师 / 助理建筑师 / 媒...第6张图片


(北京)谱空间工作室 SpActrum Studio – 项目建筑师 / 建筑师 / 助理建筑师 / 媒...第7张图片


(北京)谱空间工作室 SpActrum Studio – 项目建筑师 / 建筑师 / 助理建筑师 / 媒...第8张图片


(北京)谱空间工作室 SpActrum Studio – 项目建筑师 / 建筑师 / 助理建筑师 / 媒...第9张图片


(北京)谱空间工作室 SpActrum Studio – 项目建筑师 / 建筑师 / 助理建筑师 / 媒...第10张图片

(北京)谱空间工作室 SpActrum Studio – 项目建筑师 / 建筑师 / 助理建筑师 / 媒...第11张图片


(北京)谱空间工作室 SpActrum Studio – 项目建筑师 / 建筑师 / 助理建筑师 / 媒...第12张图片


O 项目建筑师 Senior Architect/Project Architect
1) 建筑学及相关专业本科及以上学历;
5) 熟练操作AutoCAD, Rhino, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator等或其他专业软件;
1. Architecture bachelor degree or above
2. Minimum 4-5 years working experiences
3. Strong design capability and expertise in detailed design drawing and technical design,
4. Excellent overall skills on the professional technical drawings, as well as strong communication and guide capability on every stage.
5. Familiar with the whole design process especially the content and regulation requirements on architectural project.
6. Strong communication skill and project management skills, efficiently coordinating between client, collaborators, consultants, and partners;
7. Professional software operation skill, familiar use of software, such as Rhino, AutoCAD, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, etc.
8. Good in English

O 建筑师 Architect
1) 建筑相关专业本科以上学历,三年以上工作经验;熟悉建筑设计全过程,熟练使用CAD,有施工图经验;
3)熟练使用Adobe Photoshop及Adobe InDesign平面编辑软件者优先;
1. Architecture bachelor degree or above,
2. Minimum 3 years working experiences.
3. Full passion on architectural design, with good teamwork capability and communication capability;
4. Familiar with Chinese domestic architectural regulation and requirement.
5. Proficiency use of Rhino, AutoCAD, familiar use of Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, etc.
6. Good in English, oversea education background or work experience will be preferred.

O 助理建筑师 Architect Assistant
3)熟练使用Adobe Photoshop及Adobe InDesign平面编辑软件者优先;
1. Architecture bachelor degree or above
2. Full passion on architectural design, with good teamwork capability and communication capability
3. Proficiency use in Rhino, familiar use of AutoCAD, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, etc.
4. Good in English, oversea education background or work experience will be preferred.

O 媒体公关助理
1) 本科以上学历,建筑、城市规划、设计、艺术史或艺术管理专业优先;
2) 具备良好的中英文书面及口头沟通能力,能够及时专业地与客户、媒体及其他相关外界人士沟通,配合并组织媒体活动、项目后续访问及展览;有传统及新媒体的经验或学习能力优先;

联系方式 | Contacts

地址 / Address:北京市朝阳区环铁国际艺术城C088
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应聘方式 | How to Apply


The qualified candidates shall send CV and portfolio in PDF or JPG format to, including earliest starting date and salary expectations; Please indicate the position you are applying for in the email subject. We’ll contact the suitable candidates for interview within two weeks.




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