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加利福尼亚葡萄酒谷周末住宅设计/Malcolm Davis第1张图片

Malcolm Davis creates off-grid retreat in California wine valley


这个由美国公司Malcolm Davis Architecture的周末住宅,由覆盖着耐候钢的线型体块和顶部倾斜的金属屋顶组成。
这座住宅位于Healdsburg,一个以Sonoma Valley出名的北加州葡萄酒产区的小镇,被称为Baird营地。

This weekend retreat by American firm Malcolm Davis Architecture consists of rectilinear volumes clad in weathering steel and topped with sloped metal roofs.
Called Camp Baird, the dwelling is located in Healdsburg, a small town in a popular Northern California wine region known as Sonoma Valley.

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小屋距离道路有20分钟的车程。旧金山工作室Malcolm Davis Architecture说,“该建筑完全与国家电网脱离——即使是移动电话服务也时好时坏。”

It sits on a 165-acre (67 hectares) property in a coastal valley dotted with oak and bay trees.
The cabin is a 20-minute drive from a paved road. "The compound is completely off the grid – even cellular service is spotty," said Malcolm Davis Architecture, a San Francisco studio known for creating architecture in a Northern California Regionalist style.
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The clients – a couple with active children – wanted a holiday home that would serve as a strong counterpoint to their primary residence in the city.
"The idea was to enclose the structure as little as possible to maintain the sense of a camp, a building completely focused on the outdoors," the architect said.
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"The client's original inspiration images included tents pitched on a deck and a possible prefabricated structure."
In response, the architect conceived an L-shaped compound that consists of two detached volumes.
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One serves as a "car barn" and equipment shed, while the other contains the living and sleeping quarters.
Clad in Corten steel, the volumes are topped with corrugated metal roofs supported by wooden beams. The dwelling encompasses 1,550 square feet (144 square metres).
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Inside the main volume, the architect created three enclosed areas that serve a multitude of functions.
"These spaces can be used for any variety of activities: sleeping, gathering, lounging, yoga or playing games," the studio explained.
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加利福尼亚葡萄酒谷周末住宅设计/Malcolm Davis第8张图片


A patio stretches along the southern elevation and overlooks a swimming pool. The cooking and dining areas were placed within a screened-in portion of the porch.
The interior features simple furnishings, and walls and ceilings sheathed in plywood.
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The architect emphasised that the dwelling is meant to feel like a camp rather than a conventional home.
"The house is about the kids coming to play and being out in the country," the firm said.
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Malcolm Davis的其他项目包括草甸之家,它采用了不规则角型体块,覆盖着红木,并设置了观赏海景的大窗口。
由Alchemy Architects设计的预制耐候钢箱形成了加利福尼亚州的度假小屋。
摄影师:Joe Fletcher。  

Other projects by Malcolm Davis include the Meadow House, which consists of angled volumes clad in redwood and punctured with large windows offering ocean views.
Prefabricated weathering-steel boxes form California retreat by Alchemy Architects
Photography is by Joe Fletcher.
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加利福尼亚葡萄酒谷周末住宅设计/Malcolm Davis第12张图片

加利福尼亚葡萄酒谷周末住宅设计/Malcolm Davis第13张图片

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建筑设计:Malcolm Davis Architecture
景观设计师:Cary Bush of Merge Studio
承包商:Simon Fairweather & Associates

Camp Baird by Malcolm Davis
Project credits:
Architect: Malcolm Davis Architecture
Landscape architect: Cary Bush of Merge Studio
Contractor: Simon Fairweather & Associates





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