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沐浴在“金色阳光”里的极简住宅设计/Alberto Campo Baezaand GLR第1张图片

Minimalist house by Alberto Campo Baeza and GLR is bathed in "golden light" inside


由西班牙建筑师Alberto Campo Baeza与当地公司GLR Arquitectos设计,住宅被称为Domus Aurea——拉丁语为“金屋”。

The stark white surfaces that dominate this minimal house in Monterrey, Mexico, are interrupted by a golden wall that elevates the quality of light inside.
Designed by Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza with local firm GLR Arquitectos, the home is named Domus Aurea – Latin for "golden house".
沐浴在“金色阳光”里的极简住宅设计/Alberto Campo Baezaand GLR第2张图片

“因此,这个充满光的房子将真正充满了金色的光,因此成为真正的住宅”,Campo Baeza说道。

Behind its blank facades sits a double-height wall covered in gold leaf, oriented to reflect the south light that streams in through a high window.
"Accordingly this light-filled house would be literally flooded with golden light, and thus become a veritable domus aurea," Campo Baeza said.
沐浴在“金色阳光”里的极简住宅设计/Alberto Campo Baezaand GLR第3张图片

建筑师希望像传奇的墨西哥建筑师路易斯巴拉干(是Campo Baeza的主要影响者)一样,在墨西哥城吉拉迪住宅中重现的光的品质。

The architect aimed to recreate the light qualities found in houses like Casa Gilardi in Mexico City by legendary Mexican architect Luis Barragán, who Campo Baeza cites as a major influence.
"If Barragán is always present in all my architecture, he is even more in this case," the architect said, "which is why I decided that not only would my house be flooded with light, but that it would be the golden light of Barragán."
沐浴在“金色阳光”里的极简住宅设计/Alberto Campo Baezaand GLR第4张图片

沐浴在“金色阳光”里的极简住宅设计/Alberto Campo Baezaand GLR第5张图片


The cuboid building, which presents no windows to the street, rises above a perimeter wall that encloses a garden on four sides.
A symmetrical front facade includes two large ports for cars, positioned either side of a smaller central opening.
沐浴在“金色阳光”里的极简住宅设计/Alberto Campo Baezaand GLR第6张图片

沐浴在“金色阳光”里的极简住宅设计/Alberto Campo Baezaand GLR第7张图片

功能上,房子被分为三层。 一楼设有娱乐区,二楼为休息区,屋顶作为私人休闲区。

Once beyond the barrier wall, the main entrance is highlighted in grey marble – both on the ground and up the wall containing the front door – and sheltered by thin sheets of glass.
Functionally, the house is divided into three horizontal planes. The ground floor features the entertaining areas, the first floor is designated for sleeping, and the roof acts as a private relaxation space.
沐浴在“金色阳光”里的极简住宅设计/Alberto Campo Baezaand GLR第8张图片


Symmetry continues in plan, with each storey arranged as strips of spaces that run from the front to the back of the property.
On the ground floor a kitchen and dining area sit to one side, while a bar and home theatre are located on the other.
沐浴在“金色阳光”里的极简住宅设计/Alberto Campo Baezaand GLR第9张图片


Both can be separated off from the central double-height living room by sliding partitions, and all three spaces open onto a porch at the back.
The next level accommodates the master suite and two smaller en-suite bedrooms, connected by a generous landing that overlooks the living space.
沐浴在“金色阳光”里的极简住宅设计/Alberto Campo Baezaand GLR第10张图片

“在创建了双层高度的两个空间连接而成的对角线空间之后,我决定将所有南向光线都通过垂直的墙面进行反射,并使房间充满这个令人向往的金色色调”,Campo Baeza说道。

It is here that the golden wall is installed – bouncing the light from a clerestory window, past a frameless glass balustrade and down into the void.
"After creating a diagonal space resulting from concatenating two spaces of double height, I decided to gild the high vertical wall on which all the southern light would fall and fill it with this much-coveted golden hue," Campo Baeza said.
沐浴在“金色阳光”里的极简住宅设计/Alberto Campo Baezaand GLR第11张图片


Below the other side of the window on a decked roof terrace is a small swimming pool, from which bathers can enjoy a framed view of the mountains beyond.
Light-coloured stone is used as flooring for the interior, which is minimally furnished with mid-century pieces.
沐浴在“金色阳光”里的极简住宅设计/Alberto Campo Baezaand GLR第12张图片

沐浴在“金色阳光”里的极简住宅设计/Alberto Campo Baezaand GLR第13张图片

“我竭尽全力确保这座房子是世界上最美丽的建筑”,Campo Baeza说道。“对于每一个落在我手中的新项目,这也是我表达的意图”。
建筑摄影为Javi Callejas。

"I did my utmost to ensure that this house would be the most beautiful in the world," said Campo Baeza. "That is my stated intent with every new project that falls into my hands."
The Spanish architect is known for his minimalist architecture, and has designed a variety of houses in his home country. They include a seaside home in Cádiz with a roof that stretches out towards the shoreline, a residence for a poet in Zaragoza where high concrete walls enclose a secret garden, and a hilltop retreat in Toledo that features delicate glazing fitted around a bulky concrete structure.
Photography is by Javi Callejas.
沐浴在“金色阳光”里的极简住宅设计/Alberto Campo Baezaand GLR第14张图片

沐浴在“金色阳光”里的极简住宅设计/Alberto Campo Baezaand GLR第15张图片

沐浴在“金色阳光”里的极简住宅设计/Alberto Campo Baezaand GLR第16张图片

沐浴在“金色阳光”里的极简住宅设计/Alberto Campo Baezaand GLR第17张图片

沐浴在“金色阳光”里的极简住宅设计/Alberto Campo Baezaand GLR第18张图片

沐浴在“金色阳光”里的极简住宅设计/Alberto Campo Baezaand GLR第19张图片

沐浴在“金色阳光”里的极简住宅设计/Alberto Campo Baezaand GLR第20张图片





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