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星光的遐想——北京金地广场/ 大观国际设计咨询有限公司第1张图片

STAR LIGHT REVERIES—Beijing Gemdale Plaza


Gemdale Plaza was built in 2007, this time Gemdale Corporation is committed to make a brand new impression towards their positioning by inviting architecture and lighting designer to redesign their architectural and interior design.

星光的遐想——北京金地广场/ 大观国际设计咨询有限公司第2张图片


“Diamonds” and “Ripples”, are the new concepts of Gemdale Plaza given by LLA. From ripples on the huge glass facades, to the minimal, contemporary decorative language, Gemdale has given people an impression in line with time. At night, lighting further accentuates the modern and innovative style of the redesign.

星光的遐想——北京金地广场/ 大观国际设计咨询有限公司第3张图片


Overlooking the architecture at night, the most eye-catching aspect is the light covered facades. The complicated steel structure was rather difficult to illuminate. Instead of lighting the surface uniformly or creating a crystal light box, we took the advantage of the steel structures and brought out the aspects of shine by creating a point light effects. To our surprise, an outstanding multi-surface three dimensional transparent effect is achieved through combining light from the light source, aluminum plate, glass, and space. In addition, intermittent control was designed coordinating with the “breath” of shine; dimming and shining rhythmically with the heart beat and breathing of viewers. Between the blink of shines, an ever more direct and rich sensory feeling is achieved.

星光的遐想——北京金地广场/ 大观国际设计咨询有限公司第4张图片

星光的遐想——北京金地广场/ 大观国际设计咨询有限公司第5张图片

LED各种特点之一,便是它多变的色彩,在商业照明中甚多使用。而我们的灯光设计从总体考虑,却单单使用4000k,用亮度控制,形成最纯粹的光的强弱变化;配合特殊商业场景需求,每个单点是单独控制的,相邻单点像素可以自由组合,通过疏密、速度变化,变幻出似有若无的图案。“想象”将来源于每个看到它的个体,想象成是“星光”、“雨滴”、“雪花”还是“风的涟漪”或者“飘散的蒲公英”…… 每个人都能找到属于自己的感受与心情。与传统的大面积的LED色彩变化的热烈、喧闹相比,更显清新,亲切。

Colour change is one unique characteristic of LEDs; it is used commonly in commercial lighting. However, with overall consideration of design, 4000K is the only colour temperature used in this project. Intense and dimmed lights are simply achieved through luminance control. In addition, in order to fulfill special commercial needs, each point could be controlled individually; pixels of adjacent points group freely, allowing patterns created through spacing and rhythmic changes. “Imagination” is subjective, one could interpret it as shining stars, water drops, snowflakes, and others could see it as ripples of wind or scattered dandelion…. Each viewer would find their own feelings within their own imagination. Comparing with the commonly used large and colorful LED facades, the point light system seems much more fresh and sincere.

星光的遐想——北京金地广场/ 大观国际设计咨询有限公司第6张图片


Another critical difficulty was to achieve the LED point lighting effects behind a SLR colour glazed glasses. The double glazed glass façade is specially made for lighting design. Its low lighting penetration rate and drop of diffused light became the critical aspects of this project. After months of multiple comparisons between glass materials, optical lens cutting techniques, lighting calculations and design concepts, in addition with help from glass and lighting manufacturers, and multiple model tests; the perfect balance between point light diffusing techniques, back plate, and glass was finally achieved. Zooming into each ordinary point light, light from the LED chip goes through an hourglass shaped lens, fusing into the mid-section of a custom cut diverging lens, finally shines through the diverging lens forming the sparkles as a diamond. This project could not be completed without the trust of client and the help from every consultant and manufacturer.

星光的遐想——北京金地广场/ 大观国际设计咨询有限公司第7张图片


The LED point lights on this building façade do not exist solely on its own. From the top of the tower to the ceiling of the interior atrium, even the plant lighting; the concept of “Star Light” has been casually integrated into the spaces based on the form of architecture, decorative details and the mood of environment. For the viewers, it is neither about “concept” nor “techniques”; it is about “comfort, “joy” and “surprise”. And all we have ever expected is for the viewers to remember and enjoy these wonderful feelings.  

星光的遐想——北京金地广场/ 大观国际设计咨询有限公司第8张图片

灯光设计:GD-Lighting Design大观国际设计咨询有限公司(

Property Developer: Gemdale Corporation
Lighting Design: GD-Lighting Design (
Lighting Designers: Yenchih Wang,Yun Wu, Xin Yu Huang, Tim Cheng, Hui Ren
Architectural Design: SOM
Architectural and Interior Re-design: LLA
Project Location: No.91, Jian Guo Road, Chao Yang District, Beijing
Area: 30,000 m2
Completion Time: September, 2012
Photographer: He Shu





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