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轻盈飘逸的游泳馆设计/de architekten cie第1张图片

de architekten cie builds sustainable swimming pool complex in Amsterdam


建筑位于阿姆斯特丹北部,由当地事务所de architekten cie设计。Noorderparkbad游泳馆是一幢独立的建筑,造型轻盈,呈欢迎的姿态对外敞开。游泳池实现了建筑和景观的完美过渡,不同于传统的大型游泳馆,Noorderparkbad更像是坐落在公园中的展览馆。柔和的造型和弯曲的幕帘把建筑和景观区分开来,建筑上层体量的退后处理,使游泳馆与公园和住宅区更加契合,同时,也有利于建筑内部的采光。

Located in amsterdam north and designed by local-based practice de architekten cie, the ‘noorderparkbad’ swimming pool is a free-standing building with an airy appearance that invites the public to step inside. by focusing on easing the transition between landscape and building, and breaking down the typically large scale of a pool accommodation, the ‘noorderparkbad’ is emphasized as a pavilion in the park. the softly shaped volumes and curved rain curtains are the mediators between building and park. two stacked volumes determine the shape of the building. by moving the upper volume to the rear, the building blends well with the scale of the park as well as the residential area. in addition, the setback enables the penetration of daylight deep into the building.


the wavy rain curtain is the most striking element of the ‘noorderparkbad’. primarily an education element, it communicated how closely the swimming pool is connected to water. on a rainy day, the water flows like a waterfall trickling down the curtain and lets the visitor see how rainwater becomes bathing water. on sunny days, the curtain shimmers like a congealed cascade, while on wintry days, the ice crystals transform the building into an ice palace. also, the curtain theatrically marks the entrances to the pool: it’s pulled up and guides the visitor into the building.

轻盈飘逸的游泳馆设计/de architekten cie第2张图片

backside with the pools that open in the summertime/建筑后的室外泳池在夏季对外开放


the ‘noorderparkbad’ is the new public family pool for the north of amsterdam and will serve an important social function. the traditional theme of a bathhouse as a meeting place in the neighborhood is reflected in the atmosphere of the interior. intimate enclosed spaces alternate with high ceilings and skylights. the wooden rhomboid roof construction and finishes of floor, ceiling and wall in traditional materials lends the building a warm atmosphere.

轻盈飘逸的游泳馆设计/de architekten cie第3张图片

backside with the iron curtains that lead rainwater into gray water circuit/雨水沿着建筑的金属幕帘滴落至集水系统

轻盈飘逸的游泳馆设计/de architekten cie第4张图片

inside three pools with different functions /三个泳池功能各不相同。



the ambitions concerning a sustainable design for the ‘noorderparkbad’ are very high and already taken into account from the layout of the floor plan. acting like a warm blanket, the secondary functions are therefore wrapped around the three halls of the various pools, which are heated to high temperatures. only the south facing elevations of these halls have no climate buffer, allowing the sun to heat the space and visitors to enjoy the beautiful view over the park.
all images courtesy of de architekten cie

轻盈飘逸的游泳馆设计/de architekten cie第5张图片

the name of the building is sculptured in the brickwork/建筑的名字被砌筑在砖墙上。

轻盈飘逸的游泳馆设计/de architekten cie第6张图片

view to the outside pools /欣赏室外的景色

轻盈飘逸的游泳馆设计/de architekten cie第7张图片

sunlight can reach deep inside the building/阳光可以渗透到建筑内部。

轻盈飘逸的游泳馆设计/de architekten cie第8张图片

artist hugo kaagman designed the flooring in a ‘pixel-art’ style/艺术家hugo kaagman设计了像素艺术风格的地板。

轻盈飘逸的游泳馆设计/de architekten cie第9张图片

ground floor plan with ‘pixel-art’ pattern/像素风格式平面布局。

轻盈飘逸的游泳馆设计/de architekten cie第10张图片

first-floor plan/二层平面图

轻盈飘逸的游泳馆设计/de architekten cie第11张图片

section with the three pools lying in different heights/三个水池的高度差的剖面示意图

轻盈飘逸的游泳馆设计/de architekten cie第12张图片

the pool lies as a pavilion completely free within a park in amsterdam north/建筑位于阿姆斯特丹北部的一个公园里,免费开放。

建筑设计:branimir medić , pero puljiz
项目团队:hans hammink , louis afonso , lars van hoften , paulos kinfu , rink alberda , theo martens
安装顾问:deerns raadgevende ingenieurs, groningen
声学顾问:lbpi sight, nieuwegein
结构设计:raadgevend ingenieursbureau van rossum, 阿姆斯特丹
总面积:5500 m²

project information:
project architects: branimir medić , pero puljiz
project team: hans hammink , louis afonso , lars van hoften , paulos kinfu , rink alberda , theo martens
client: gemeente amsterdam
program: outside: sunbathing lawn, 25 meter pool, shallow pool with slide, toddler pool, parking area.
installation advisor:deerns raadgevende ingenieurs, groningen
acoustics advisor: lbpi sight, nieuwegein
structural engineer: raadgevend ingenieursbureau van rossum, amsterdam
date of commission: 2011
date of construction: 2013-2014
gross surface: 5,500 m²





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