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伦敦科学博物馆的多孔立面/Coffey Architects 第1张图片

Perforations create dappled lighting inside Coffey Architects' Science Museum research centre


Coffey建筑事务所在伦敦的科学博物馆添加了一个带多孔立面的图书馆,作为重建的重点部分,也包括Muf、Wilkinson Eyre和已故的扎哈•哈迪德设计的画廊。

Coffey Architects has added a library with a perforated facade to London's Science Museum, as part of a major redevelopment that will also include galleries by Muf, Wilkinson Eyre and the late Zaha Hadid.

伦敦科学博物馆的多孔立面/Coffey Architects 第2张图片

Dana研究中心和图书馆占据了南肯辛顿博物馆的Wellcome Wolfson大楼底部的两层。


The Dana Research Centre and Library occupies the lower two floors of the museum's Wellcome Wolfson Building in South Kensington.
The upper floor is covered by a white screen with thousands of tiny openings, which create a dappled lighting effect for the interior.

伦敦科学博物馆的多孔立面/Coffey Architects 第3张图片

伦敦事务所Coffey 设计这个空间参考了科学家牛顿的故事,他坐在苹果树的树荫下,目睹了果实从枝干上落下的过程,从而第一个发现了万有引力。

London-based Coffey Architects designed the space to reference the story of scientist Isaac Newton, who is said to have first discovered gravity while sitting under the shade of an apple tree and witnessing fruit falling from its branches.

伦敦科学博物馆的多孔立面/Coffey Architects 第4张图片


"The dappled light effect was inspired by the contemplative conditions that might have been experienced by Isaac Newton while he sat under the apple tree," said the design team. "This double-height canopy also filters sound, as well as views to the landscape outside."

伦敦科学博物馆的多孔立面/Coffey Architects 第5张图片



Inside the centre, timber-lined bookshelves, walls and desks contribute to a warm and light-filled setting.
A long reading table is set in a double-height space by the glazed facade of the building. To its rear, wooden bookshelves occupy single-height spaces, and a staircase leads to a mezzanine with a common room and staff areas.

伦敦科学博物馆的多孔立面/Coffey Architects 第6张图片

“该计划本身是一个简单的想法,重新感受在夏日的一天,坐在一棵树下读一本书的感觉,”工作室创始人Phil Coffey说。


"The scheme itself is a simple idea to recreate the feeling of sitting under a tree, on a summer's day, reading a book," said studio founder Phil Coffey.
"The canopy creates light and acoustic conditions conducive for study, as well as offering a unique space with a strong identity to be enjoyed by both casual and academic users."

伦敦科学博物馆的多孔立面/Coffey Architects 第7张图片



The Dana Research Centre and Library provides access to over 500,000 documents for researchers, staff and the public.
It is the first part of the campus overhaul to the complete, with the final phase of the project is expected to finish in 2019.

伦敦科学博物馆的多孔立面/Coffey Architects 第8张图片

“这个神奇的新中心为科学家和工程者提供免费的公共访问到世界级的藏书和档案馆收藏,也为博物馆的博士候选人和研究人员提供灵活的空间,在日复一日的基础上,与我们惊人的收藏品在一起工作,”Nick Wyatt说,他是博物馆的图书馆和档案馆的负责人。

其他的项目包括 6千万的科学博物馆重建,一系列热闹的画廊由Wilkinson Eyre设计,互动画廊由Muf设计,而数学展馆由扎哈•哈迪德设计——她上周突然去世了。

"This fantastic new centre offers free public access to world-class library and archive collections for science and engineering, as well as providing flexible space for the museum's doctoral candidates and researchers to work alongside our amazing collection on a day to day basis," said Nick Wyatt, who is head of the museum's library and archives.
Other projects included in the £60 million redevelopment of the Science Museum are a suite of health galleries by Wilkinson Eyre, interactive galleries by Muf and a maths gallery by Zaha Hadid – who died suddenly last week.

伦敦科学博物馆的多孔立面/Coffey Architects 第9张图片

Barber和Osgerby的室内公司Universal Design Studio之前为该博物馆设计了一个致力于通讯技术的展廊,作为独立项目的一部分。

Coffey 建筑事务所在2005年由Phil Coffey成立,为中国的钢铁公司设计了一个砖覆盖的总部,以及伦敦北部伊斯灵顿房子的扩建项目,它通过一个下沉式庭院引入光线。

摄影:Timothy Soar

Barber and Osgerby's interiors firm Universal Design Studio previously designed a gallery dedicated to communications technology for the museum as part of a separate project.
Coffey Architects, which was set up in 2005 by Phil Coffey, has also designed a brick-clad headquarters for a Chinese steel company and a house extension in Islington, north London, that brings in light through a sunken courtyard.
Photography is by Timothy Soar.
伦敦科学博物馆的多孔立面/Coffey Architects 第10张图片
Exploded axonometric diagram/ 分解轴侧分析图

伦敦科学博物馆的多孔立面/Coffey Architects 第11张图片
Site plan/场地平面图

伦敦科学博物馆的多孔立面/Coffey Architects 第12张图片
Ground floor plan/底层平面图

伦敦科学博物馆的多孔立面/Coffey Architects 第13张图片
First floor plan/二层平面图

伦敦科学博物馆的多孔立面/Coffey Architects 第14张图片





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