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斯德哥尔摩市中心混合使用的开发区/ Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects第1张图片

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects wins major mixed-use development in central Stockholm


Schmidt Hammer Lassen建筑事务所赢得了关于设计Hästen 21的国际竞赛,它是在瑞典斯德哥尔摩市中心的一个43000平方米的开发区。与Pembroke Real房地产合作,包括零售、办公空间和在综合体中的住宅,设计时尊重了城市历史和天际线。该设计将基地转换为一个中央动脉,具有强大的视觉外观和一个开放的区域,它将成为斯德哥尔摩的一个视觉亮点——创造一个紧密编织的城市旗舰店,具有丰富的经验和浓郁的氛围。

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects has won the international competition to design Hästen 21, a 43,000m2 development in central Stockholm, Sweden.In collaboration with Pembroke Real Estate the project comprises of retail, office space and housing in a complex designed with respect for the city’s history and skyline.The design transforms the site into a central artery, with a strong visual appearance and an opening of the block, it will become a flagship for the Stockholm vision – creating a closely knitted city, rich in experience and atmosphere.

斯德哥尔摩市中心混合使用的开发区/ Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects第2张图片
基地鸟瞰/areal view in the setting


The new building complex will comprise of a combination of diverse retail, office space, and city centre apartments to ensure a vibrant and lively city environment. The architecture captures the essence of inner Stockholm, by interpreting the characteristics of the Stockholm volumes and heights, and adds a new and unique architectural expression. The modern open glazed facade framed with light natural stone, and the setbacks of the volume ensure a relationship with the adjacent buildings. The rounded corners set the building within a tradition of classic city centre masterpieces.

斯德哥尔摩市中心混合使用的开发区/ Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects第3张图片
街景/view from the street

“项目本身超过了基地的限制,使斯德哥尔摩中部地区的城市振兴更为全面,它不是运作在一个一般的水平上。从历史上看,过去的街道穿过基地的建筑物,我们的方案旨在把城市生活带回从前。我们正在引入小通道,快捷方式和口袋公园,即使位于顶部的建设也同样如此。我们正在以这种方式创造一个新的社区,将开放24 / 7,不只是在星期一到星期五的办公时间,”Kristian Ahlmark解释说,他是Schmidt Hammer Lassen事务所的高级合伙人。

“The project itself is exceeding the limits of the site to be more as a full urban revitalization of a central area of Stockholm that was not really working on a pedestrian level. Historically, there used to be streets going through and between the buildings at the site, our proposal aims to bring this city life back. We are introducing small passages, shortcuts and pocket parks even at the top of the building. This way, we are creating a new neighbourhood that will be open 24/7 and not just during office hours from Monday to Friday,”explains Kristian Ahlmark,Senior Partner at Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects.

斯德哥尔摩市中心混合使用的开发区/ Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects第4张图片
Hästen 21覆盖了43000平方米的区域,包括住宅单元、零售和办公室/Hästen 21 covers 43,000m2 area with residential units, retails and offices


The retail areas at the lower levels that connect to the city, present a unique opportunity for branding premium shops and create superior customer experiences, by connecting the levels and providing new alleys through the building that create shortcuts through the block. Furthermore, the introduction of new urban spaces – the entrance plaza and the street pocket – enhance the integration between the building and the city and offer new public experiences of high urban quality.

斯德哥尔摩市中心混合使用的开发区/ Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects第5张图片
外立面都强调起伏形式+全透明/facades are emphasized by undulating form + full transparency


The office layout is designed to facilitate maximum daylight and create fantastic views of the Stockholm skyline, without compromising the functionality. At multiple levels, the tenants have access to outdoor areas on green roof terraces and all the benefits from the shared business foyer with meeting and conference facilities. The apartments are placed in their own vertical part of the building, so it becomes visible in the city and has balconies towards the street, where the residents can enjoy the evening sun that is so special for the Scandinavian countries.

斯德哥尔摩市中心混合使用的开发区/ Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects第6张图片
一些垂直的木板和玻璃让立面更加模糊和朦胧/some vertical wood panels and glasses make the facade more fuzzy and blurred

“我们希望创建一个建筑,内部的多种组成部分基于不同程度的社会互动而创造出独一无二的动态场景。一个生动的城市横截面,有居民、行人、食客、购物者、旅行者和工作中的人们,”Kristian Ahlmark总结道。

“We wish to create a building where in the various components are going to create a unique dynamic based on different degrees of social interaction. As a vivid cross-section of the city with its residents, passers-by, diners, shoppers, tourists, and people at work,” concludes Kristian Ahlmark.

斯德哥尔摩市中心混合使用的开发区/ Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects第7张图片

带状图案把建筑物的立面划分为结构和视觉元素/the strips divide the facade of the building as both structural and visual element

Hästen 21被设计得足够强大和灵活,通过未来的对话进程,增加对斯德哥尔摩市未来的展望,以及商业市场的变化和新的趋势。

Hästen 21 is designed to be strong and flexible enough to go through a future dialogue process to add value to the future vision of the city of Stockholm, as well as changes and new trends in the commercial market.

斯德哥尔摩市中心混合使用的开发区/ Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects第8张图片
销售区域入口—全透明/entrance to the retail area -presents full transparency

斯德哥尔摩市中心混合使用的开发区/ Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects第9张图片

斯德哥尔摩市中心混合使用的开发区/ Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects第10张图片
办公室内部景观/office interior view

斯德哥尔摩市中心混合使用的开发区/ Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects第11张图片
住宅内部景观/residential interior view

斯德哥尔摩市中心混合使用的开发区/ Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects第12张图片
公共部分用起伏的木天花板强调/public space is emphasized with undulating wooden ceiling

斯德哥尔摩市中心混合使用的开发区/ Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects第13张图片
有绿色花园的屋顶空间/roofscape with green gardens

斯德哥尔摩市中心混合使用的开发区/ Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects第14张图片
交通流线图/access diagram

斯德哥尔摩市中心混合使用的开发区/ Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects第15张图片
立面图/facade lines diagram

斯德哥尔摩市中心混合使用的开发区/ Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects第16张图片
阶梯绿植/green terracing

斯德哥尔摩市中心混合使用的开发区/ Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects第17张图片

斯德哥尔摩市中心混合使用的开发区/ Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects第18张图片
基地平面/site plan

斯德哥尔摩市中心混合使用的开发区/ Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects第19张图片
一层平面/ground floor plan

斯德哥尔摩市中心混合使用的开发区/ Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects第20张图片
办公平面/office plan

斯德哥尔摩市中心混合使用的开发区/ Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects第21张图片
有路面的基地平面/site plan with pavement

斯德哥尔摩市中心混合使用的开发区/ Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects第22张图片
北立面/north elevation

斯德哥尔摩市中心混合使用的开发区/ Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects第23张图片
绿色植被剖面/greenery section

斯德哥尔摩市中心混合使用的开发区/ Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects第24张图片
南立面/south elevation

斯德哥尔摩市中心混合使用的开发区/ Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects第25张图片
西立面/west elevation


建筑事务所:Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
客户:Pembroke Real Estate
工程师:Tyréns AB (structural engineer), PO Andersson AB (mechanical engineer), Mats Ström berg Ing. Byrå AB (electrical engineer), Brandkonsulten AB (fire consultant), HissKonsulterna (elevator consultant), SWECO (LEED consultant), Forsen Project AB (project manager).
景观设计师:Kristine Jensens Tegnestue
摄影:courtesy of Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

Project Facts
Architect: Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
Client: Pembroke Real Estate
Area: 43,128 m2
Engineers: Tyréns AB (structural engineer), PO Andersson AB (mechanical engineer), Mats Ström berg Ing. Byrå AB (electrical engineer), Brandkonsulten AB (fire consultant), HissKonsulterna (elevator consultant), SWECO (LEED consultant), Forsen Project AB (project manager).
Landscape Architect: Kristine Jensens Tegnestue
all images courtesy of Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects





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