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塞尔日甘斯布花园/ Territoires第1张图片

Landscape Designer: Territoires
Location: Porte des Lilas, Paris, France
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Nicolas Waltefaugle
地点:法国,巴黎,Porte des Lilas

摄影:Nicolas Waltefaugle
Architects: Matthieu Gelin & David Lafon Architecte
Project Area: 24000.0 sqm
Light Designer: Light Cible
Structure/Economy/Fluids Engineer: Integral 4
Road Engineer: ATPI
建筑师: Matthieu Gelin & David Lafon 建筑事务所
结构/经济/流体工程师: Integral 4

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塞尔日甘斯布花园/ Territoires第2张图片

The need to cover the ring road at the Porte des Lilas answers to a desire expressed by people to finally be able to enjoy a proper quality of life and a friendly urban environment. Basically the population wanted an area where it would be possible to walk, have a garden, play, and find both nature and quietness.
为了回应市民对于享受到一个舒适质量的生活和一个友好的城市环境的愿望,这个在Porte des Lilas的项目覆盖了该地区的所有环形道路。基本上,人们都在寻求一个可以散步,有花园,可以游玩,自然且安静的环境。

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The city of Paris was willing to rebuild an urban link or relationship with neighbourhood cities of Lilas and Pré Saint Gervais, install a bus hub and host a permanent circus. The project is designed to connect the two sides of the ring road and focus on the use for pedestrians and bicycles, without removing car traffic from the périphérique.
巴黎的城市试图通过建造一个公交枢纽并且建造一个永久的环形广场与Lilas 和Pré Saint Gervais周边城市建立联系,这个项目将会涉及双边的环形通道并且关注人行道和自行车使用,同时不会移除汽车等交通工具的外围设备。

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The city of Paris has given the SEMAVIP (public and private company) the development mission of the area of the Porte des Lilas. A team of urban planners and landscape architects identified, in collaboration with the neighbourhood associations, a program that would fit for this area. They defined the position and size of the garden, the position of the bus hub and the location of the circus. They also defined the principles of pedestrian routes. A contest between several lanscape architects was launched in 2004. TERRITORIES won the contest in 2005.
巴黎的城市给了SEMAVIO(公共和私有公司)一个发展Porte des Lilas这个区域的任务。一个由城市规划师和景观设计师组成的小组将会与社区团体合作,为这个区域建立一个合适项目方案。他们确定了公园的位置与大小,公交枢纽的位置以及环形广场的位置,同时也确定了人行道的基本路线。2004年由多家景观事务所参与了此次竞赛,最后在2005年TERRITORIES拔得头筹。

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The project argues that the nature lives within the city and that it is indeed feasible to further its development at several scales. The capstone of the ring road and the roofs of the buildings around become rain water providers for the garden by filling the center pond. The management of the garden will allow the plants brought by the wind of the ring road to expand and modify its composition. A wide and smooth footpath, that we called la ficelle (the thread), will connect the two sides following a simple and fluid route. Finally, a belvedere (viewpoint) of Paris geography and of the traffic on the ring road will be built. We didn’t want to hide. We wanted to reconciliate.
这个项目表明自然融入在城市之中,并且对于城市在各个规模上的长远发展确实是有益的。环形路的顶点和周围建筑的屋顶成为了花园中心池塘的雨水提供者,花园的管理允许其中的植物顺着环形路的风向成长,从而修剪其组成样式。一条宽广而光滑的人行道,我们称其为la ficelle(线性),将会以简单而流畅的路径方式连接两边的区域。最后,巴黎地理和交通环道上的一个belvedere(视点)也在建造范围内,我们不需要将其隐藏,我们想要使其与环境和谐。

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The project organizes the garden around a large open space in the center, that matches the layout of the device. The vegetation is concentrated on both sides. The central space is dedicated to the lawn and the meadow is left free. The gardens are located along the axis that links the boulevard to the point of view. The pond in the center is the place to harvest rainwater in addition to a large underground tank. Thanks to the pond, the garden can be grown and shown, and develop a living environment. On each side, under the trees, lay the other functions of the garden (children’s games, reading room, home of the gardeners…).

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All these functions are connected by the “Ficelle” that draws many laces between Paris and Les Lilas. The nature in the garden is not decorative. It corresponds to a situation. The project implements the conditions for its development, as varied as possible. Each area of the garden is a new option to drag the plant, even on the walls along the “Ficelle”.
所有的这些功能都是由“串”,就是巴黎和Les Lilas之间联系。天然的花园是不经装饰的,它是对场地的回应。该项目为了场地的发展利用了所有的条件,每一个花园都是一个采用不同的植物,甚至沿着墙的“串”。

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The garden is still young. For now people are discovering with delight the opportunity to find an area of peace close to their home. The gardens by themselves are a great experience. It is a real revolution for the residents lifestyle and lifespace. Everyday they go through the garden in order to cross the ring road, even if it lengthens their journey. People will try all sorts of activities, from dawn to dusk.

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During the night, the garden is closed. There is only a very soft light. We asked to reduce the amount of light more than usual in Paris, i order to allow the garden, and the people around, to rest, above the “périph’”.

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