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木质生活/Sau Taller d’Arquitectura第1张图片
© Andres Flajszer



The project starts from two client’s requirements:
•A house with plenty of natural light.
•A house with the possibility of increasing in size through the years.

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© Andres Flajszer

为了满足这些要求,SAU Taller de Arquitectura事务所提出了一个明确的方案:将服务和贮藏空间移至无门窗、缺乏采光的墙边,留出一个明确的核心空间,将周围的碎空间整合在一起。由此,我们轻松地将临街和朝向庭院的墙面解放出来。而这些墙面朝南或朝北的朝向,自然地变成了整个房子采光面和通风过滤器。这样的改变还能使房子拥有自由和灵活的布局,根据住户需要使用轻质板分隔。为了实现这个目标,我们会在混凝土墙中预留出隐蔽的固定点用以在日后搭建简单的木质结构。

To comply with those requirements SAU Taller de Arquitectura proposes a clear action: to bring services and storage areas to the blank walls leaving a central core which articulates the space around it. With this decision we get the street and courtyard façades free of program. Those façades are facing north and south so they can become a light and ventilation filters. Another consequence of this decision is getting a free and flexible section which will aloud future light slabs to be built if the inhabitants need them. With this aim, concealed anchorages where left into the concrete to aloud simple timber structure to be built in the future.

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A multifunctional garage space is located at ground floor level, related to both, street and courtyard, is a space to have familiar meals or courtyard related activities. Facing south at first floor level we find the dinner area, next to it, and facing north we find the kitchen. The bedroom is linked to the living area through a double sliding door that gives different levels of privacy. At roof level and thanks to the section flexibility we find two terraces, the first one, protected with a vegetal pergola is more private, the second is an open one and works as a solarium.

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The two side concrete walls are not perpendicular to the main façade, so in order to organize the plan the remaining spaces are used as a service and storage areas.

木质生活/Sau Taller d’Arquitectura第5张图片
Courtesy of  Sau Taller d’Arquitectura


Integrated with the core we find the bathroom, and slightly moved to the north-east corner we have the stairs, this layout defines spaces with different proportions around the program which improves the relation between them. A small internal patio is located in the core to illuminate the central areas and the bathroom, in the future can contain the lift.

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© Andres Flajszer

木质生活/Sau Taller d’Arquitectura第7张图片
Exploded Axonometric/轴测图


The two main façades had been thought as a triple skin. They act as a filter to improve internal light, temperature and comfort conditions. The outer skin is made of 4cm cellular polycarbonate and the inner one is made of double glass, movable aluminium louvres are located between those two layers. Facing south, we have the possibility to open or close the chamber between the polycarbonate and the glass depending on ventilation requirements: during winter time this chamber will remain closed and louvres will be orientated towards the interior to get more radiation, during summer time the chamber will remain opened and louvres will face exterior, that way we stop direct radiation exposure. If needed, is also possible to totally open the inner glass layer to ventilate the whole space from south to north. The house is been designed to get the best comfort using passive techniques. We only use 3 climate mechanical elements: one ventilated hearth, a fan system, and a thermostat with ducts that brings the worm air accumulated in the higher areas of the double height down to the lower levels and a heat pump as an additional support.

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© Andres Flajszer

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We have worked with neutral and rough materials: concrete, glass, polycarbonate, maple timber… trying to create a non contaminated space which allows the inhabitants to bring their own colour and personality with the chosen furniture, vegetation, paints, lamps, racks… in a way we are trying to project a daily life support.

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© Andres Flajszer

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木质生活/Sau Taller d’Arquitectura第12张图片
Floor Plan/平面图

建筑设计单位:Sau Taller d’Arquitectura
建筑摄影:Andres Flajszer, Courtesy of Sau Taller d’Arquitectura
技术构架工程师:Claudia Galicia
收尾工作: Josep Arisa
承包商:Art i Construcció SL
委托人:Familia Iñigo Soley
预算: 110.000欧元

Architects: Sau Taller d’Arquitectura
Location: Granollers, Barcelona, Spain
Area: 173.0 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Andres Flajszer, Courtesy of Sau Taller d’Arquitectura
Technical Architects: Claudia Galicia
Closings: Josep Arisa
Contractor: Art i Construcció SL
Client: Familia Iñigo Soley
Budget: 110.000€





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