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  这栋由SCAPE建筑工作室设计的3800平方米的建筑,位于Porte des Lilas大道的ZAC(城市发展区)南端。其主要目标在于改造巴黎市P.riph.rique大道以内和外部地区之间的关系。

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  The building, measuring 3,800m2, designed by the architectural studio SCAPE, is located at the southern end of ZAC (urban development zone) at Porte des Lilas, and has among its main objectives that of transforming the relationship between the city of Paris within the Boulevard P.riph.rique and the districts on the outside.
  The building includes:Sports Centre; Youth Space; Centre for Psycho-Pedagogical Learning (CAPP)
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  Three construction elements defined by the character of the urban site
  The site, in the middle of an area currently going through a transformation, provides the architects with a free space above the slab built over the P.riph.rique, as well as an area for construction: the project makes the most of what the site has to offer and develops in three main directions.
  Firstly: to take advantage of free space. The project is organised in such a way as not to occupy all the available space with sports grounds, but to keep back a part of the slab to plant a garden and a filter space: creating a break in the visual context of the P.riph.rique for effect.
  Secondly: to create an esplanade-cum-building that guarantees continuity between the surrounding area and the Centre. Locating the gym below ground, the architects are free to make an easily accessible welcome space at street level and put the sports area on the floor above, on the same level as the slab.
  Thirdly: to devise a building with a compact and homogenous image that maintains the autonomy of its functions. From a local point of view, a user can clearly perceive the three elements and their different accesses. From an urban point of view, through their relationship with ZAC and the P.riph.rique, the three elements are integrated into one entity with a clear, straightforward architecture forming a compact mass where large glass bays, set back with respect to the line of the facade, create the connection between ground and sky.
  Three programmes of interaction and autonomy integrated in a dynamic system.
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  The building, which looks compact when seen from the outside, houses a dynamic system within: here the architects have designed a rich and varied visual apparatus, which respects the requirements and the particular necessities for the implementation of each activity.
  With regard to the three structures, the architects have designed a very simple system of signs that will guide the users to the main zones of activity: the directions are shown on large coloured panels, with different colours for each zone. The choice of colour has been made to match the materials used in the floor of the area concerned: resin (for the corridors and common parts), PVC floors (for the gym, offices and multi-purpose halls) and parquet (for the music and dance rooms). The emphasis is on simple materials destined for intense use and which are efficient in terms of comfort and acoustics

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  建筑师通过在建筑与P.riph.rique公路之间覆盖上盖板巩固了建筑质量并释放了空间。该指导原则从形态上看是一个紧凑的系统:体育中心,青年活动空间和心理教学中心都是纯粹的空间。把体育中心部分置于地下是为了限制暴露在外的区域和最大化闲置。为了减低建筑物的密度,他们创造了绿色区域来构成呼吸空间。尽管由于很多土地上的限制导致有限的空间,很多元素被成功地安置以便尽可能的利用日光和自然通风。用同样的方法,非常小心地把建筑从另一栋建筑分开来保障它们之间最大化采光和绿化。为了满足巴黎市所需要的能源性能(50 kWh/m的消耗),系统已经完成了一系列的技术变通:外部绝缘,高性能玻璃,动力管水回收系统(这是在相关用途的建筑中高度相关的)和一个有将近300平方米的专门光伏板屋顶区域。

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  A project that belongs to a firm logic of sustainable development
  The architects have consolidated the “building mass” and freed up space on the slab covering the P.riph.rique and between the buildings. The guiding principle from a morphological point of view is that of a compact system: the Sports Centre, Youth Space and Centre of Psycho -Pedagogical Learning are all pure volumes. The Sports Centre is located partly underground in order to limit the exposed area and maximize inactivity. To mitigate the density of building, they have created green areas, constituting breathing spaces. Despite the limited space available due to the numerous restrictions on the lot, the various elements have been successfully located so as to exploit the daylight and natural ventilation as much as possible. In the same manner, great care was taken when spacing the buildings one from another so as to guarantee the maximum amount of light and vegetation between them.
  To satisfy the energy performance required by the City of Paris (consumption of 50kWh/m.), the system has been completed with a series of technical expedients: external insulation, high performance glass, a Power-pipe˝ water recycling system (which is highly relevant in a building with such uses) and a roof area of approximately 300 m2 devoted of photovoltaic panels.

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    SCAPE — SCA PE is an Italian architecture firm with offices in Rome and Paris that has made Internationalisation its main strength.

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