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天津河畔66项目/ Kohn Pedersen Fox第1张图片
© Tim Griffith

来自事务所的描述。首席设计师James von Klemperer介绍到“现在的结构框架是完整的,徜徉着的一系列弧形混凝土构架从内部看有点像鲸鱼骨架。”

From the architect. “Now that the structural frame is complete, to wander inside a series of curved concrete ribs is something like it must be to see a whale skeleton from the inside. Herman Melville would be inspired.” Design Principal James von Klemperer

天津河畔66项目/ Kohn Pedersen Fox第2张图片
© Tim Griffith

天津河畔66项目/ Kohn Pedersen Fox第3张图片
© Tim Griffith

这是由KPF设计的天津河畔66项目,位于天津和平路地区,在9月26日举行了盛大开幕式,这个商业建筑将超过350米,并通过整合街道融入到周边环境中。“建筑本身被视为公共空间,所以该建筑有意注重城市交通和培养用户之间的相互交流。”KPF的高级设计师Jeffrey Kenoff说道,“显然,该项目需要为当地这个零售和多层次的环境服务,但是,同时它也期望被打造成为一个拥抱当地社区并且还会代表和促进当地经济发展的社交网络平台。”

On September 26th Tianjin celebrates the Grand Opening of Riverside 66 as the 350 meter long mega structrure will now complete the final phase of the He Ping Lu pedestrian boulevard, becoming the centerpiece of the new commercial district while marking its presence monumentally from the revitalized Hai He River and creating a new public experience for the city. “The building itself is conceived as public space where the building intentionally engages the urban traffic and fosters user interaction.” Says Jeffrey Kenoff, Director and Senior Designer at KPF. “Clearly the project needed to operate for a retail and multi program environment, but it also wanted to be a social network to embrace, represent and activate a local community.”

天津河畔66项目/ Kohn Pedersen Fox第4张图片


Both the client and the city of Tianjin desired a building that would become a landmark and re-define the connection between the river and He Ping Lu. The super shell is one of the longest single structures in the region, and, will be built with 22 seven-story high concrete ribs and over 10,000 panels of glass.

天津河畔66项目/ Kohn Pedersen Fox第5张图片
© Tim Griffith

该建筑混凝土和玻璃结构的急剧上升曲线从河边急剧上升,而在另一面的南立面进行收敛,生成一座六层楼高的建筑,得到满足的和平区范围。建材“提高了透明度和清晰度,使室内设计与周围的街道相互映衬。”Audrey Choi解释说。

The concrete and glass structure curves dramatically upward from the riverside and converges with the opposing south façade, yielding a six-story building to meet the smaller scaled context of the Heping District. Audrey Choi, who was the project team leader said, the building materials themselves “promote transparency and legibility, allowing the interior program to engage the surrounding streets.”

天津河畔66项目/ Kohn Pedersen Fox第6张图片


Riverside 66 reimagines the typical retail model at almost every level as it encloses over 1.4 million sf into an urban market for the city. This circulation is intentionally porous with frequent active entries along the streets that allow the building to “operate as a modern version of a traditional bustling merchant setting” Says vonKlemperer. As the Shell remains a constant a series of renowned brands can populate and repopulate the two and three story stone “boxes” that stack along the pedestrian street.  At the center the grand atrium in particular operates as both a public plaza and a vertical concourse to the building’s upper sky street as it divides the internal shell and directly links the Hai He River with He Ping Lu. The sky street in turn flips the retail equation by placing the most popular floor at the very top of the building encouraging the user to fully engage the multi-level structure. Kenoff adds “It definitely has the advantage of hyper flexibility and a unique ability to transform itself with current market needs and aspirations.” Rather than acting as a terminus, the building becomes an integrated “constituent of the urban traffic.” With one of the grandest public spaces in Tianjin, Kenoff concludes, “the project aims to activate the regenerated riverfront as it rethinks the role of China’s urban market.”

天津河畔66项目/ Kohn Pedersen Fox第7张图片
© Tim Griffith

该项目已经赢得无数奖项,包括MIPIM 颁发的“2007年建筑国际地产投资交易会审查未来项目奖-零售和休闲奖”,和美国建筑师学会颁发的纽约分会“2010AIA纽约分会设计大奖”。 目前已获得LEED金牌初步认证。

The project has already achieved LEED pre-certification and has been honored with several awards, including the “MIPIM Architectural Review Future Project Awards 2007 – Retail & Leisure Commended Certificate” issued by MIPIM and The Architectural Review and the ”2010 AIA New York Chapter’s Design Awards” in the unbuilt work category, issued by the American Institute of Architects New York Chapter.

天津河畔66项目/ Kohn Pedersen Fox第8张图片
© Tim Griffith

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建筑设计事务所:Kohn Pedersen Fox
地点:中国 天津
首席设计师:James von Klemperer(美国建筑师协会会员),
董事/高级设计师:Jeffrey Kenoff(美国建筑师联合会)
纽约项目组组长:Audrey Choi
香港项目组组长:Edwin Lau
摄影:Tim Griffith
项目主管: Paul Katz(美国建筑师协会会员)
项目经理: Peter Gross(美国建筑师联合会)
业主: 恒隆地产有限公司
Project Credits:
Architects: Kohn Pedersen Fox
Location: Tianjin, Tianjin, China
Design Principal: James von Klemperer, FAIA
Director/Senior Designer: Jeffrey Kenoff, AIA
Project Team Leader Ny: Audrey Choi
Project Team Leader Hk: Edwin Lau
Area: 152800.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Tim Griffith
Managing Principal: Paul Katz, FAIA
Project Manager: Peter Gross, AIA
Client: Hang Lung Properties Limited




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