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墨西哥城Google办公室/ Space第1张图片

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墨西哥城Google办公室/ Space第2张图片

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墨西哥城Google办公室/ Space第3张图片

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       另外一边,访客仿若看见整个墨西哥城,首先来到“查普特佩克”公园—— 一个非正式会议室,里面有秋千、湖和大树。地毯就像是一条能够让你走到任何地方的街道,因为办公室都已实现科技化,可以打车、打电话或者乘地铁。

墨西哥城Google办公室/ Space第5张图片

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       继续往南就可以找到工作场所和“索奇米尔科” 生态公园,在这里标有“Trajinera”图标的墨西哥古船里面,你可以进行视频会议。往北走,还可以看到“剧院Blanquita”——一个很大的用于研发的社交场所。

墨西哥城Google办公室/ Space第6张图片

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墨西哥城Google办公室/ Space第9张图片

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       谷歌和大多数公司的不同之处在于,这是一个有着许多年轻员工的公司,是一个充满活力的公司,所以公司以充满乐趣的环境营造出一目了然的功能性氛围, 从某种意义上说也叫做“节俭空间”。华丽的露台,可以欣赏到墨西哥城最美丽的景色。还有什么办公室比这更让人羡慕呢?

墨西哥城Google办公室/ Space第10张图片

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墨西哥城Google办公室/ Space第11张图片

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项目名称:Google Mexico
设计师:Juan Carlos Baumgartner
设计师合伙人:Jimena Fernandez
设计团队:Ramiro Pulido, Ricardo Hernandez


Google Mexico/ Space

As one of the leading web browser companies, google needed to grow in the building they were.
The design concept is really simple…the city of Mexico.
When you enter the reception you find this really white space, with a bright colored logo, that lets you in into two different spaces.
One, the techtalk, a big auditorium for multiple uses. Here the focus of design is the Mexico city google map carpet, which captures you eye the moment you step in.
The other door let you into Mexico city. First you see Chapultepec, an informal meeting space with swings, a lake and a very big tree. Then you see that the carpet is actually a street that takes you everywhere. You can take an actual refurbished cab and have a phone conversation, or you can take the subway, that holds all the technical rooms in the office.
You can continue your journey either south, and find workstations and Xochimilco, where you can have a videoconference inside a Trajinera, which is a traditional Mexican boat; or you can go north, and enter Teatro Blanquita, a big meeting space where Google Hangouts happen.
Food and catering is really important for the company to give to their employees, so you can find a deli in the middle of the space where you can either eat or meet.
There are also several amenities such as gym, showers and massage areas to keep the employees happy.
Color and lighting design worked together to really enhanced the look, the productivity and the result.
Designed to have little impact in the environment, this offices follow really strict green guidelines such as low VOC′s materials, green carpeting, certified wood, and recycle bins. This offices got LEED Gold Certified.
Google works totally different as the majority of companies, and because this is a young company with most employees being gen-Xers we decided to give a fun yet functional ambiance, or as they call it “frugal space”.

Project Credits:
Name of project: Google Mexico
Client?Developer: Google
Location: Mexico City
Function: Offices
Architects: Space
Chief Architect: Juan Carlos Baumgartner
Partner Architect: Jimena Fernandez
Design team: Ramiro Pulido, Ricardo Hernandez
Lighting: LUA

*Appreciation towards for providing the project description.*



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