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建筑师:McAllister Alcock Architects建筑事务所
地点:澳大利亚,Main Ridge
设计团队: Karen Alcock, Clare McAllister, Maria Danos, Brett Seakins, Jack Tu
摄影:Derek Swalwell, Shannon McGrath
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Architects: McAllister Alcock Architects
Location: Main Ridge, Australia
Design Team: Karen Alcock, Clare McAllister, Maria Danos, Brett Seakins, Jack Tu
Photographs: Derek Swalwell, Shannon McGrath
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Main Ridge住宅/McAllister Alcock Architects建筑事务所/Main Ridge House / McAl...第2张图片

Main Ridge住宅位于维多利亚,莫宁顿半岛(Mornington Peninsula)的一个工作葡萄园。该建筑为一个舒适的四间卧室的家庭住房,建立了与葡萄藤之间的视觉联系,并适合招待来品尝业主葡萄酒的国际友人。
The Main Ridge house sits within an established working vineyard located on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. The brief was for a comfortable 4 bedroom family home with a visual connection to the vines and which provided an area suitable for entertaining the international guests who visit our clients’ winery.

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We are ‘urban architects’, used to working with the constraints of existing built form and planning regulations and creating architecture in residual urban space. We consider our work to be contextual, an architectural response to the urban ‘found’ conditions. In this case the context for the house was abstract; the no site had no clear ‘hero’ views with which to orientate the building. The best northern solar orientation faces away from the vines, while to the west an existing artificial cutting separated the house site from the vines and the view to the east was dominated by a large and visually ‘messy’ strawberry farm.

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但是有一系列的可爱,却适度的方面:北方,树下满是斑驳的光; 南方,连绵起伏的草坡延伸至葡萄藤; 该建筑保留了对这些原有景色的回忆,并将其用作订购设备——外部采用新建筑的形式和位置,内部则采用原内部空间的方向设置。走近才会发现,该建筑隐藏在两个20米长的倾斜风化“'Coreten”钢制墙壁。通过墙壁之间的缝隙进入—— 让人想起原来的隔断—— 房子和场地相映成辉。
However there were a series of lovely, albeit modest aspects: to the north a view beneath trees full of dappled light and a promise of what lies beyond; to the south a gentle rolling grassy slope terminating at the vines; The architecture retains the memory of these existing landscape vistas and uses them as an ordering device – externally with the form and placement of the new building and internally with the orientation of the inside spaces. On approach the house is hidden by two 20 metre long angled weathered ‘Coreten’ steel walls. On entering through a gap between the walls – reminiscent of the original cutting – the house and site reveal themselves.

Main Ridge住宅/McAllister Alcock Architects建筑事务所/Main Ridge House / McAl...第5张图片

该住宅由三面的阁楼围绕朝北的带棚庭院构成。庭院的设计最大限度地使北方投射来的光进入室内,同时在房子内构建了各个区域:一个为较私人的家庭生活区和另一个则也可用于招待客人。石灰胶合板雕塑天花板形成一个水平的色带可连接主厅的公共和私人空间,并在保持舒适的居住规模的同时,帮助形成 “戏剧”的视觉感。荚状的木质“鼓”,标志了公共空间和私人空间的支点,酒窖隐藏了管家的厨房和楼梯,而各空间区域则隐藏了推拉门。
The residence is comprised of pavilions enclosing three sides of a sheltered, north facing courtyard. The courtyard design maximises northern light to the interior and creates zones within the home: one for more private family living and another that can also cater for entertaining guests. A sculptured limed plywood ceiling provides a horizontal ribbon linking the public and private areas of the main pavilion, and contributes visual ‘drama’ while still maintaining a comfortable residential scale. A pod-like timber ‘drum’ marks the pivot point between the public and private realms and hides a butler’s pantry, the staircase to the wine cellar, and sliding doors to zone the spaces.

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At the start of the project our clients were not overly impressed with the attributes of their site and were not fond of the view to the strawberry farm. The design of the residence has changed our clients’ perception of their environs by carefully selecting and ‘framing’ vignettes so that the inhabitants are encouraged to pause, and appreciate the special characteristics of a landscape setting that has more ‘depth’ than just the strong graphic rows of grapevines.

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