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圣路易斯公共图书馆/Cannon设计/St. Louis Public Library / Cannon Design第1张图片

责任设计:George Nikolajevich, FAIA
摄影: Timothy Hursley
Architects: Cannon Design
Location: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Design Principal: George Nikolajevich, FAIA
Year: 2012
Photographs: Timothy Hursley

圣路易斯公共图书馆/Cannon设计/St. Louis Public Library / Cannon Design第2张图片

Cannon设计,一个国际出名的建筑、工程设计和规划公司,很高兴的宣布他们已经完成了具有变革性的修复工作,修复并适应性的将圣路易斯中央公共图书馆再利用。王冠上的圣路易斯公共图书馆系统最初由Andrew Carnegie提供资金,著名建筑师Cass Gilbert于1912年设计完成。
Cannon Design, an internationally ranked architectural, engineering and planning firm, is pleased to announce it has completed work on the transformative restoration, renovation and adaptive reuse of the St. Louis Public Library, Central Library. The crown jewel of the St. Louis Public Library system, Central Library was originally funded by Andrew Carnegie and designed by renowned architect Cass Gilbert in 1912.

圣路易斯公共图书馆/Cannon设计/St. Louis Public Library / Cannon Design第3张图片

38000平方英尺公共空间的增加预示着图书馆的复兴,使其成为面向21世纪的现代化图书馆。(该图书馆的复兴)有助于圣路易斯的市区重建,作为一块文化瑰宝,它还增加了建筑物的高度。开业第一周,有超过11,000名读者拜访了该图书馆。圣路易斯公共图书馆继续目睹着拜访者的增加和他们对于该馆的接受。它还赢得了Architizer A+的最佳图书馆奖,这是一个全球有超过150,000名公众参与投票的竞赛。
The Library’s revitalization increases public space by more than 38,000 SF, modernizes the library for the 21st century, contributes to the urban renewal of St. Louis and enhances the building’s stature as a cultural treasure. More than 11,000 people visited the library in its opening week. The library continues to see increased visitation and acceptance, winning the Architizer A+ award for best library, a competition with more than 150,000 public votes worldwide.

圣路易斯公共图书馆/Cannon设计/St. Louis Public Library / Cannon Design第4张图片

The original three-story building was designed in Beaux Arts style featuring a ceremonial granite stair, vaulted reception foyer and centrally located Great Hall. The hall is surrounded by five wings, four dedicated to public reading rooms and the fifth, the North Wing, to a multistory depository of books closed to the public. A structurally independent steel skeleton, doubling as a book shelves and floor support, was inserted by Gilbert between the walls of the North Wing. This “building within the building,” required replacement to address fire and seismic hazard. The North Wing transformation truly rejuvenates the library and brings it into the 21st century with the removal of old book stacks and the insertion of a new “building within the building.” Now, a multi story public atrium provides and accessible and welcoming entry. Glass enclosed upper levels house the collection with compact density bookshelves. These books are now visible to the public as visual elements of the space. The North wall windows, now clear glass, bounce natural light deep into the interior and provide striking views

圣路易斯公共图书馆/Cannon设计/St. Louis Public Library / Cannon Design第5张图片

大会堂和四个公共之翼被修复,恢复了它们的世纪光彩,并配备了新的机械、电力和防火系统、现代数据、线槽。Locust街新的公共入口尊重了Gilbert设计的原始立面,雨棚则来源于没有触碰到建筑的一谭水。新的入口向周边的市区图书馆北部开敞。“看那个图书馆,最令我骄傲的是我们创造了一个解决方法将新的结构和原有建筑和谐相处。FAIA责任设计师, George Nikolajevich如是说。“这个设计让人感觉很自然,这是一个真正可以去花时间拜访的地方。当我知道设计并不费力时,我感到很骄傲。我希望它能证明自己是永恒的。
The Great Hall and four public wings are restored and revitalized to their turn-of-the-century splendor and equipped with new mechanical, electrical and fire protection systems along with modern data and electric raceways. A new public entry on Locust Street defers to Gilbert’s original façade as a canopy that arises from a pool of water without touching the building. The new entrance opens up the building to a surrounding urban neighborhood north of the library. “Looking at the library project, I’m most proud of how we’ve created a solution where the new structure and existing building live in harmony,” said George Nikolajevich, FAIA, Design Principal. “The design feels natural… a really great place to visit and spend time. I take pride in knowing the design feels effortless and hope it proves timeless.”

圣路易斯公共图书馆/Cannon设计/St. Louis Public Library / Cannon Design第6张图片

Cannon Design is an Ideas Based Practice, ranked among the leading international firms in planning and design for healthcare, education, corporate commercial, and government clients. At present, the firm employs a staff of over 1,000, delivering services in 15 offices throughout North America as well as abroad in Shanghai, China, and Mumbai, India.

圣路易斯公共图书馆/Cannon设计/St. Louis Public Library / Cannon Design第7张图片

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