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倒叙:仙台媒体中心/伊东丰雄Flashback: Sendai Mediatheque / Toyo Ito第1张图片

参考文献:伊东丰雄, Ron Witte, Rob Gregory
照片:RIBA, Archienvironment, 伊东丰雄, Flickr- 用户名: Yisris
Architect: Toyo Ito
Location: Sendai-shi, Japan
Project Year: 2001
References: Toyo Ito, Ron Witte, Rob Gregory
Photographs: RIBA, Archienvironment, Toyo Ito, Flickr- username: Yisris

倒叙:仙台媒体中心/伊东丰雄Flashback: Sendai Mediatheque / Toyo Ito第2张图片

设计旨在创造一个由独特系统支持的透明的文化媒体中心,在周围社区布局内完全的可视,完全的透明。 伊东丰雄的仙台媒体中心在工程和美感方面都是一次改革。六片棱钢板,每片15又四分之三寸厚,看上去好像从街道上漂浮而起,由13个从地面拉起的垂直钢栅柱支撑。夺目的视觉感受是这个方案最具标志性的特色,他可以媲美森林中的大树,功能上可当做所有公共设备,网络和系统的轻质传动轴。
With the intentions of designing a transparent cultural media center that is supported by a unique system to allow complete visibility and transparency to the surrounding community, the Sendai Mediatheque by Toyo Ito is revolutionary in it’s engineering and aesthetic.Six steel-ribbed slabs slabs, each 15-3/4″ thick, appear to float from the street, supported by only thirteen vertical steel lattice columns that stretch from ground plane to the roof. This striking visual quality that is one of the most identifiable characteristics of the project is comprable to large trees in a forest, and function as light shafts as well as storage for all of the utilities, networks and systems.
More on the Sendai Mediatheque by Toyo Ito after the break.

倒叙:仙台媒体中心/伊东丰雄Flashback: Sendai Mediatheque / Toyo Ito第3张图片

Each plan is free form, as the structural column lattices are independent of the facade and fluctuate in diameter as they stretch from floor to floor. The simplest intentions of focusing on plates (floors), tubes (columns), and skin (facade/exterior walls) allows for a poetic and visually intriguing design, as well as a complex system of activities and informational systems.

倒叙:仙台媒体中心/伊东丰雄Flashback: Sendai Mediatheque / Toyo Ito第4张图片

The four largest tubes are situated at the corners of the plates, which serve as the principle means of support and bracing. Five of the nine smaller tubes are straight and contain elevators, while the other four are more crooked and carry the ducts and wires.Upon approaching the Sendai Mediatheque, the public is led into a continuation of the surrounding city into the double height hall of the main entrance through large panes of glass. This open square includes a cafe, retail shop, and community space that is capable of supporting film screenings and other events.

倒叙:仙台媒体中心/伊东丰雄Flashback: Sendai Mediatheque / Toyo Ito第5张图片

Another aspect unique to this building is the involvement of many designers, as the interior of each level incorporated another person. Kazuyo Sejima designed the ground floor, placing the administrative offices behind a translucent screen. The Shimin Library found on the second and third levels include a browsing lounge complete with internet access and specially designed furniture by K.T. Architecture.

倒叙:仙台媒体中心/伊东丰雄Flashback: Sendai Mediatheque / Toyo Ito第6张图片

画廊空间在第四第五层,包括一个配备可移动墙体的多功能展览空间,和一个有固定墙体更稳定的静态空间,还有Karim Rashid设计的座椅。 Ross Lovegrove负责了第六层,180座影院和绿白家俱配备在视听多媒体图书馆。
The gallery space of the fourth and fifth levels contain a flexible exhibition space with moveable walls, and also a more static space with fixed walls and a rest area with seating designed by Karim Rashid. Ross Lovegrove took charge of the sixth level, adding a 180 seat cinema and green and white furniture fitting to the audio-visual multimedia library.

倒叙:仙台媒体中心/伊东丰雄Flashback: Sendai Mediatheque / Toyo Ito第7张图片

The tree-like nature of the metal columns of the Mediatheque are continuous with the natural surroundings of the area, as the design is found on a street lined with trees. The building changes along with the seasons, it’s openness reflective of the summer green and also the streets during winter.

倒叙:仙台媒体中心/伊东丰雄Flashback: Sendai Mediatheque / Toyo Ito第8张图片

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